Fredericksburg Texas: Hill Country Bluebonnet Trails & Photo Tips

Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet Trails + Photo Tips

From Fredericksburg going East:
From Main Street take Hwy 290 East, along the wine tasting rooms to Wildseed Farms. At Stonewall Texas visit LBJ Park, also on Hwy 290. From Johnson City take Hwy 281 to Marble Falls, lake, & Burnet area.

From Fredericksburg going North:
Take Highway 16N, towards Llano. The hills and Enchanted Rock area is also pretty!
Willow City Loop off of Highway 16 North. Weekends will probably be busy on the popular Loop!

North of Llano to Llano airport, and San Saba.
Llano to Marble Falls
Lake Buchannon area

From Fredericksburg going west
Take Hwy 87 to Mason Texas (or swing through Doss, then to Mason).
The Mason loop, and Mason County to Llano usually produce pretty colors.

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Mason History & Bluebonnet Trails … read more

Wildflower Photography Tips:

– Sunrise or sunsets provide the best natural light. Scout locations during the mid-day harsh lighting, and return to the best spots at sunset or sunrise.
– Fabulous sunset/sunrise colors can occur after a cold front goes through, or a thunderstorm.   Safety first… but try taking photos around storms for added cloud drama in the sky.  Watch the weather!
– Overcast days produce a very soft light or flat light, which work great for macro closeups, or wildflower clusters around granite rock lined creeks, or small waterfalls … just crop out the boring grey sky and zoom in more on your subjects.
– Know how to manipulate the light in your favor… try using light modifiers such as reflectors, or blockers. Try a video light at an angle, or create a backlight halo effect on a closeup of a wildflower. A backlit butterfly on a flower is pretty too which can create near translucent wings.
– For wide-angle landscapes …  use a TRIPOD, and shoot with a larger depth of field such as F22, for greater focus throughout the image (front to back).
– Take multiple exposures, & bracket +/- 1/3 stops.
– Shoot in RAW
– Have a lot of patience!  Wait for the breeze to calm down & wait for the crowds to clear.
– Please remember that most property in the Texas is privately owned.  Never cross fences without permission.  Respect the landowners & leave their horses and cattle alone.
– Try not to walk or drive on the flowers. Its frustrating to see all of those crushed spots.
– Always watch out for snakes. Don’t let your children and dogs run through the flower patches ahead of you.

Happy Trails!

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