As we celebrate America’s freedom we want to thank everyone for your continued support over the past 20 years and we wish you all a safe and fun Holiday! Enjoy!

We are celebrating this weekend with some new artwork!

Original Oil Paintings:

SCOTLAND HIGHLAND 8×8 oil painting on Belgian Linen

View Scotland Highlands

TAOS RAIN 8×10 framed oil painting



Colorado Aspens
24×36 signed canvas
Photograph by KWeigand

6×8 Original Oil: Spring in the Hill Country

Life is one big adventure and I’m always trying to absorb new things. Its fun trying out new oil painting techniques and I’m trying to learn how to do basic video editing too! lol!

I just recently added Gamblin’s NEO MEGILP medium to my oil palette. I’ve only used it a couple times (outdoors mostly), and so far, I LOVE it! Its easy to use/ transport for plein air painting here in the Hill Country.

Yesterday here in my studio, I decided to start a new small oil (6×8 on linen board) and grabbed the Neo Megilp instead of my old faithful mixed medium.

I’ve also been wanting to update my website with video clips, but I have to admit, I’ve never spent much time looking into video editing and merging clips, so I thought I would combine several new ideas into 1 evening! haha. What a day. So, I grabbed my cell and took a couple super short videos. This is a total experiment – whole new ground for me! Here we go…

I’m going to let the surface dry a bit and tweak the cloud highlights and a couple other things. But here’s a cell pic:

A couple years ago, my son and I were ‘hitting the backroads’ looking for bluebonnets & photo ops. It was one of those awesome evenings with dramatic storm clouds and fantastic golden light! I’m pretty sure he grabbed this shot with his window rolled down & camera hanging out the car. He has a good eye! Great memories.

This is just another reason why I love art so much. It offers us a reason to get out and look for the pretty things that surround us. Life is a journey.

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2020 Miniature Oils & Gifts

New 6×6 oil on board plein air painting by KWeigand.

Sneak peak of our 2020 Holiday Miniature Oils & Gift Sale that starts next week on BLACK FRIDAY! Stay tuned!


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Colorado Aspens – Abstract Art

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New! Colorado Aspens Abstract Fine Art
24×36 canvas gallery wrap
shipped ready to hang

Artwork is created on demand, please expect min 2-3 weeks delivery.
Our hand-picked Master printers only use today’s top equipment, archival pigment inks, and gallery quality materials.  Quality Guarantee


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The Old Tree Behind Dodds Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg Tx

I remember when growing up our family would visit the Dodd’s Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg TX.

As a kid I wasn’t very interested in gardening, but I always enjoyed seeing that old oak tree in their back yard! It was magnificent back then, with its many twisted limbs, and its still a beauty!

The old tree where Dodd’s Nursery once stood.

But times are changing, and so is Fredericksburg. Dodd’s Nursery has been torn down, which is sad, but now we can actually see that beautiful old tree from Main Street! Its a joy to view.

I’d like to go back & photograph it in different lighting situations, and perhaps create a color study of it too! But for now, my favorite is the simplicity of this black & white.

B&W is a timeless classic, kinda like that old tree. Color can create distractions, and with b&w, the viewer’s eye can easily find those fine details of the long reaching tree limbs and even the details in the bark of the tree trunk. Better when viewed large.

This old tree is such a natural beauty on our Main Street here in the Hill Country!

Thanks for looking.


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Mountain Views, original oil painting

Inspired by some historical photos, I painted this tipi with a strong mountain scene. Much different than my usual tipi’s and wide-open spaces.

Mountain Views

signed KWeigand
I may paint a larger one someday!

Just for fun, I used Photoshop to change it into a monochromatic type image. The photographer in me wants to see it in a light brown or black & white…

In this sepia type version, my eye is drawn more to the tipi/figure which is the focal point and has the most contrast. Since color is distracting, this is a good way to also check my values, and make sure no other elements are competing too much with my main subject.

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Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx

We are all going through some challenging times with the virus pandemic, and so I find myself being drawn even closer to nature. I try to go outdoors every chance I get!
It seems like I can always find some tiny visual surprise outside that helps me to take my mind of the real world. And Mother Nature always seems to have a bounty of visual treasures! You just have to step outside, relax, and search for her JOYS.
Don’t forget to take your camera!
For the last week or two, our peach trees have been in full bloom on our ranch, and I love watching the dainty butterflies dance from bloom to bloom, constantly moving. They are so incredibly peaceful. I can’t help but think about where they came from, and how long their journeys are, while I’m clicking away on my camera.
The light was a bit soft on this day, but I still managed to get a couple backlit shots while trying to keep the background blurred. A soft background helps your main subject stand out more, which in turn, helps to create more impact in your images.
And personally, I just love it when the backlit ambient light filters through their thin wings like this first image.

The different peach tree varieties bloom in stages. The earlier varieties have pretty much leafed out & the blooms are past their peak. The blooms don’t last very long! But the good news is, the later peach tree varieties are now blooming!

The bees and butterflies have fresh spring blooms to keep them busy.

Signed prints & digital stock files of these images are available.
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Hill Country Peach Blooms

The Hill Country is filled with the beautiful peach orchard blooms.
Spring is here!
The Bluebonnets are blooming, as well as an early Indian Paintbrush here and there.
But our peach & other fruit trees are looking so beautiful! And they are covered with butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Here are a few photos that I took the other day from our own ranch near Fredericksburg.

I thought it would be fun to include a couple black & white images to see the tiny details.

Welcome Spring! With all of the gloomy covid-19 news, its relaxing just being outdoors with nature. I encourage all to go outdoors – even for a short visit – while the temps are cooler , the grass is green, and the blooms are blooming!

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Wild Bay Stallion – Oil Painting Study

I had FUN creating this one! And surprisingly it all came together rather quickly for me. Paintings take on their own personality/attitude as the painting progresses. This one seemed to move along well, as soon as the rough-in sketch and first dark values were completed.
I may create a larger one some day…

This new oil painting study was created with the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Range near Cody Wyoming in mind – trying to capture their fiery wild spirit!

Wild Bay Stallion •SOLD
8×10 study
oil on canvas

My messy palette

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