Portraits & Wedding Photography in Fredericksburg & TX Hill Country


Every precious life has an incredible story to tell, and good photography helps to record your life and who you are.

“As an experienced, award winning master photographer, creating gallery quality artwork for my clients is a true joy – its a passion!


With 20+ years experience in the art industry we love creating portraits, & we love seeing our customer’s reactions when they first view their artwork.

We prefer to take the time to get to know our clients. We listen. We ask questions during our meeting at your home. We can measure your wall space and help inspire creativity. Working together, we can customize your photography experience that best fits you, your family, and your home. This helps to reduce over-spending, and helps reduce client’s stress & anxiety. We want to help create a new sense of freshness for your home, add meaningful glimpses of your life to your walls, with a twist of professional design.

This initial meeting will also help prepare us for your photo session. We need to pre-visualize the best compositions, backgrounds, & styles that will fit your chosen artwork before pressing the shutter. Basically, my goal is to get the BEST IMAGES IN CAMERA that will perfectly fit you and your home.

Out-of-town Portrait clients … If you are interested in booking portraits while visiting the Fredericksburg Texas area, just let us know, and ask for our pre-session guide.



Congratulations on your engagement! We do book a limited number of Hill Country tiny weddings and elopements each year. Simply contact us with your date & details, and we can send you more info on our packages.


As a Mom & wife I understand how we put our family needs before our own. We want tons of photos of our kids and family, but cringe at the thought of getting in front of a camera for our own individual portraits.

We easily create excuses to postpone portraits… I need to loose weight, I need to get a new haircut, I’m too busy, etc, etc.

Take a deep breath … remember that our family LOVES US just the way we are. They want a beautiful portrait of you, a fine piece of art that can be held and cherished. Afterall, life is short.

I created our BEAUTY-FUL sessions just for us women. We need to have some fun. No kids, no spouse, no distractions! lol!

Whether its simple headshots, curvy boudoir photos, or a creative fantasy photoshoot (like a forest goddess) that you’ve always wondered about, this is a great time to get creative with a style that you will have FUN with.

Add an on location make-up & hair artist … its totally up to you.

BEAUTY-FUL Sessions include your choice of our popular & affordable 8×10 Portfolio Print Collection.

Make 2022 the year to get a couple portraits of you!

Product Highlights:

Lets start with the 8×10 Portfolios

Museum quality Fine Art Matte (heavy) Paper offers amazing vibrant tonal values and print excellence. Its our absolute favorite paper type and our clients love the quality.
All products are archival, & can last for multiple generations. Frame the portfolios and create a wall grouping, or simply keep them as your portfolio & amaze your family & friends as they admire each one.
Its eye candy.

8×10 Portfolio print with white matting. Frame size is 11×14.

Signed Wall Prints and Canvas gallery wraps are available in various sizes. Simply contact us for more info.

CONTACT US for more info.

Covid policy- We practice covid safety as best we can while in your home and at photo sessions with distancing, hand sanitizer, etc. But simply let us know when you contact us about any specific concerns. Please reschedule meetings / photo sessions if you or your family have been recently exposed or have any fever, covid or flu symptoms.

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Winter Landscape Photography Tips

Photography is challenging, and chasing the light in winter can put photographers in tricky situations. Here are a few ideas for Winter Landscapes:

  • When shooting in cold or below-freezing weather, it is critical to have a fully charged set of batteries and plenty of extra batteries.  Cold temperatures will quickly drain batteries.  Between shots, try to keep your gear close to your body to help warm it up.   
  • In wet conditions such as snow and sleet, try not to change your lenses often.  You don’t  want to get moisture or condensation inside the camera body.  Its great to have two cameras with various prime lenses, or use a multi purpose zoom lens.  If you must change lenses, keep the camera body facing downward.  
  • Eventhough my pro cameras & lenses are moisture resistant, a rain guard helps to add an extra layer of protection for my gear.  I keep one handy.
  • Bring gloves & be familiar with a style of gloves that works best for you allowing enough movement to handle the control buttons, while keeping your hands warm in-between shots.  Using a shutter release helps when wearing gloves.  
  • Bring a lens cleaning cloth. Your lens may fog or get damp.
  • Weatherproof Memory Card holders can be useful.  Especially for those who take a ton of photos and carry them around in pockets.
  • Bring a quality tripod & shutter release.  Use mirror lock up so you can drag the shutter a bit for those stunning sunrise/sunset shots.
  • Keep an eye on the weather before & during your photo travels.  COLD FRONTS / STORMS often produce stunning sunrises & sunsets.  But don’t put yourself in harms way.
  • For night photography & star trails, keep an eye on the moon phase and cloud conditions for best photo opportunities.  Pick your location during the daylight, and know where you will be setting up for your night photos. This helps prevent stumbling around in the dark.
  • Bring an extra flashlight/batteries so you won’t drain your cell phone battery.
  • Snow is extremely bright and can easily trick your camera’s built-in light meter.  Keep an eye on your camera’s histogram chart for blown out highlights & hot spots. Use a grey card/white balance card to help get a proper exposure and/or white balance reading.  You might have to use your camera’s exposure compensation scale to adjust, or you may prefer to shoot in manual mode.
  • I always shoot landscapes in RAW for best exposure flexibility, and try to get the best exposures in camera.

    If your exploring high country backroads, BLM, National Forest roads, etc., just keep in mind that some roads may have very few condition hazard signs – or none at all.  Some roads could easily become impassible, or are 4×4 high clearance only.

    Its better to explore with a friend, or family member. Always take extra blankets, emergency water & food. Mother Nature can be fierce, & can throw curve balls at us, so be prepared.

    GO & have fun!

KWeigand, M. Photog.

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Fine Art Sale – Shop at Western Galleries

Bluebonnet Farm, signed prints available


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Happy Fourth!

As we celebrate America’s freedom we want to thank everyone for your continued support and we wish you all a safe and fun Holiday!

We are celebrating this weekend with some new artwork!

Original Oil Paintings:

SCOTLAND HIGHLAND 8×8 oil painting on Belgian Linen

Inspired by our family roots from Glencoe Scotland.

TAOS RAIN 8×10 framed oil painting


New Gallery Print (Abstract)

Colorado Aspens – large abstract canvas prints

First Friday Art Walk, Fredericksburg Tx

A delightful monthly event for artlovers, the first Friday of every month is a wonderful way to spend an evening of ART, Hill Country atmosphere, and socializing with friends in downtown Fredericksburg!
Many participating local art galleries keep their doors open late into the evening (often 8pm), for this self-guided tour around town. Each gallery offers its own unique character and style.
Discover art from around the USA as well as local artists!

Photo of the Vereins-Kirche, downtown Fredericksburg Tx.
The Vereins-Kirche (Society Church), the first public building in Fredericksburg, was designed by a Dr. Schubert of the Adelsverein, and built by the first settlers of Fredericksburg in 1847.

It was built following an ancient German style known as the “Carolingian octagon,” exemplified by the original portion of the cathedral of Charlemagne at Aachen. In the 1800’s, all of the local religious groups in Fredericksburg used the building, which stood in the middle of Main Street. It was nicknamed the Kaffeemühle (coffee mill) for its octagonal shape.

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6×8 Original Oil: Spring in the Hill Country

Life is one big adventure and I’m always trying to absorb new things. Its fun trying out new oil painting techniques and I’m trying to learn how to do basic video editing too! lol!

I just recently added Gamblin’s NEO MEGILP medium to my oil palette. I’ve only used it a couple times (outdoors mostly), and so far, I LOVE it! Its easy to use/ transport for plein air painting here in the Hill Country.

Yesterday here in my studio, I decided to start a new small oil (6×8 on linen board) and grabbed the Neo Megilp instead of my old faithful mixed medium.

I’ve also been wanting to update my website with video clips, but I have to admit, I’ve never spent much time looking into video editing and merging clips, so I thought I would combine several new ideas into 1 evening! haha. What a day. So, I grabbed my cell and took a couple super short videos. This is a total experiment – whole new ground for me! Here we go…

I’m going to let the surface dry a bit and tweak the cloud highlights and a couple other things. But here’s a cell pic:

A couple years ago, my son and I were ‘hitting the backroads’ looking for bluebonnets & photo ops. It was one of those awesome evenings with dramatic storm clouds and fantastic golden light! I’m pretty sure he grabbed this shot with his window rolled down & camera hanging out the car. He has a good eye! Great memories.

This is just another reason why I love art so much. It offers us a reason to get out and look for the pretty things that surround us. Life is a journey.

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Paint your own photography studio portrait canvas backdrop – by Kathy Weigand

Over the years of being a professional photographer, I’ve spent thousands on painted canvas and muslin studio backdrops.  I use them for a couple seasons, and before you know it, we’re ready to change them out for some fresh colors… & that adds up!

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to paint my own canvas backdrop, and I FINALLY decided to give it a try!

The very talented local watercolor artist, Annette Bennett, contacted me for new portraits of herself for her website and advertising.   I was very excited to work with her, as I really admire her art.

Before her photo session, we talked about clothing colors, style, etc, so I knew that she would be bringing a black blouse.

I wanted a blueish-greenish traditional (business) style background.  So, I went to my local craft store and bought:

– 1 roll of canvas 4ft x 20ft … $30
– 1 each of black, blue, green, and white,  water-based craft paint … $15
– 1 large house paint brush … $5
– 1 natural sponge … $5

Total Spent = $55 + tax.

-First I hung the 4′ x 4′ section of canvas on my background stand, and stapled all edges to my workshop’s wall, trying to keep it fairly tight, or at least snug.
-Next I brushed on a thin layer of water & let it sit a while
-I started with just the black paint & painted the outer edges using the large brush.
– Then I added both the blue & green, blending and working the paint towards the middle.
– For the center, I also added some white to help create a lighter hotspot area
– Blend blend blend
– Last, I used the natural sponge dabbing on some textures, but keeping it subtle for a more traditional look.

It took me a couple hours to paint a 4′ x 4′ section, and I let it dry for 2 days. But I can see an experienced artist painting it much quicker!

And I only used 4 feet out of the roll, which is fine for an individual portrait. For a larger group or family portrait you would need to paint a much larger canvas surface.

I thought it looked well, and my client likes it. Her eyes look great against this custom made backdrop! Its a one-of-a-kind. 🙂


Thank you Annette for letting me try this new backgound idea on you!


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2020 Miniature Oils & Gifts

New 6×6 oil on board plein air painting by KWeigand.

Sneak peak of our 2020 Holiday Miniature Oils & Gift Sale that starts next week on BLACK FRIDAY! Stay tuned!


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Colorado Aspens – Abstract Art

Shop Art

New! Colorado Aspens Abstract Fine Art
24×36 canvas gallery wrap
shipped ready to hang

Artwork is created on demand, please expect min 2-3 weeks delivery.
Our hand-picked Master printers only use today’s top equipment, archival pigment inks, and gallery quality materials.  Quality Guarantee


Please contact us with any questions.

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