Bluebonnet Willow City Loop Oil Painting

I am loving these gorgeous spring-like days here in central Texas. They’ve inspired me to dig through my archived images and pull out a photo that I took a couple years ago on the Willow City Loop just north of Fredericksburg Tx.  I used that image as a reference for this new oil painting.

I’m thinking about calling this one, ‘Off the Loop’.

Its still on the easel, but its almost finished.

And its just in time for our 2017 Texas Bluebonnet Season!   I love this time of the year, and I can’t wait to drive throughout the Hill Country looking at this year’s crop of wildflowers!  Random Hill Country road trips are a lot of fun & good for the soul – and hopefully I’ll get some new photos too.


Title: Off The Loop
medium: oil on board
update SOLD   Signed Prints are available. 

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By the way, did you know Texas has a state flower song?
It’s “Bluebonnets.”
In 1933, the Texas Legislature adopted the song, which was written by Laura D. Booth and Lora C. Crockett.
Some lyrics:
‘When the pastures are green in the springtime
And the birds are singing their sonnets,
You may look to the hills and the valleys
And they’re covered with lovely Bluebonnets.’




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