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  • Christmas Cards … Bridger, Wild Horse Edition

    Christmas Cards … Bridger, Wild Horse Edition

    Bridger is a BEAUTIFUL Wild Stallion near Cody Wyoming.     Purchase online at www.kathyweigand.com   … just click on THE WEIGAND COLLECTION! You can change quantities in the shopping cart.       All images © Kathy Weigand.  Do not print or use without written permission from the artist.

  • Do you know? … Cloud the Wild Stallion

    Do you know? … Cloud the Wild Stallion

    Cloud:  Ambassador of America’s Wild Horses Cloud (the pale stallion on top of ridge), and his family enjoying the warm summer sun on top of Pryor Mountain, Montana.  Pryor Mountain BLM area is on the border between Wyoming/Montana. When standing on Pryor Mountain, which is sacred ground to the Crow Nation, one almost feels like…

  • First Edition Bridger Christmas Cards – benefitting Wild Horses!

    Hi everyone! As many of you already know I am a HUGE fan of America’s Wild Horses and over the years I have tried to help them out as I can. This year, I’ve created new cards featuring BRIDGER, a beautiful Wild Stallion  who is living at the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Range near Cody…

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