Spring Break Art Show and Sale, March 16 2019, downtown Fredericksburg TX

We are busy getting ready for the 2nd Annual Die Künstler (the artists) Spring Break Art Show and Sale.  It will be held this weekend March 16th, under the large open pavilion at Fredericksburg’s downtown Marketplatz.

I am thrilled that I will be able to participate along with over 20 local artists!  Each artist will be bringing their own unique style, and displaying their original fine art in various mediums, sizes, and price ranges.

If you will be visiting Fredericksburg this weekend during Spring Break, this is a great opportunity to purchase art directly from the artist!  If you are a seasoned connoisseur, or new at collecting original art, you will be able to find a one-of-a-kind treasure at this unique art venue!

Its one day only…
Saturday March 16, 2019.
9am – 5pm
@ Marketplatz Pavillon on the Main Square
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Here are a few photos from 2018 1st Annual Spring Break Art Show with my friends and fellow artists  Edith O’Neill & Louise Murphy


Photos courtesy of Die Kunstler.

Thanks for looking!

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Annual Fall Monarch Butterfly Migration Through the Texas Hill Country.

The Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) will soon be in the Texas Hill Country as they make their way to Mexico during their annual fall migration.

For the Fall Migration, late September & early October are peak months to be on the lookout for these delicate beauties throughout central Texas.


Did you know?  
Some Monarchs start their fall migration journey near the Canadian Border.  They often ride a cold front with speeds of 10 to 30 mph, and can travel up to 80 miles a day.
They winter in Mexico, and nearing the end of their life cycle, they start flying back north to Texas in the spring to breed and lay eggs.  The next generations will continue their journey north, spending summer in the northern US or near the Canada Border.  The fourth generation will fly back south to migrate in Mexico.

Texas Native Milkweed (Asclepias) plants are essential for the Monarch butterfly survival.  It is well documented that the Monarchs not only specifically use Milkweed plants for nectar, but also for spring time egg laying and food for young caterpillars.   To help the Monarchs and other species, simply plant native milkweed and other native plants in yards, flowerbeds, and on your ranch.   Make sure its native.  Other types of milkweed could actually cause harm, according to researchers.   Monarch populations have been on a decline, so please consider planting accordingly.  The butterflies need all the help they can get.
Visit MonarchWatch.org for more info, or Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Fortunately, my family ranch near Fredericksburg Texas is a haven for the Monarchs and other butterflies.   We have an area that has always been well-covered in native Milkweed and other native plants.  Its a great stopping place for Monarchs.  I love walking down there to try and grab a few photos in the evening light as they quickly flutter from bloom to bloom.

Being completely surrounded by nature is so peaceful.

Right now its August, and we’ve been hitting 100+ degrees for many days.  I can’t wait for the cooler fall temps and this year’s crop of traveling Monarch butterflies!


Photo taken 2018 Fredericksburg Texas

Our ranch has some really thick woods, so I always worry about snakes and other creepy critters too.  This evening, I heard a rustling in some tall grass a few feet from me.  As my heart skipped a beat or two, this guy popped out…


I swear he looks like he’s smiling a little!
Glad I had my camera ready.  He only hung around for a few seconds, then ran into the thick patch of milkweed and completely disappeared.

This poor butterfly is missing part of his wing…



I stayed down at the creek until the last bit of light peaked through the western sky.
It was another pretty Texas golden sunset.   Time to head home.

8211trees at sunset

Here’s a list of some Monarch Spotting Waystations in Central Texas.

Fischer Park Butterfly Garden in New Braunfels, TX

Riverside Nature Center in Kerrville, TX

Old Fashion Garden at San Antonio Botanical Garden in San Antonio, TX

Texas Native Butterfly Garden at the San Marcos Discovery Center in San Marcos, TX

Doug Blachy Butterfly Trail and Garden at Zilker Park in Austin, TX



Digital licensing, stock photos, and signed prints or canvas prints are available for purchase.   Contact Kathy if you have any questions on purchasing these images as prints or digital stock photos.

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Please join us this Friday Nov 11, 5-8pm Artist reception, in Fredericksburg Tx

Its nearly show time!

Your invited to the Die Künstler von Fredericksburg (the artists of Fredericksburg) 24th Annual Fine Art Show and Sale!

Artists Reception is Friday, Nov 11th, 5-8 pm.

Zion Lutheran Church Hall.  424 W. Main Street in Fredericksburg Texas
Additional Parking on West Austin Street.

DKPoster 8 5x11_2016-2

Be sure to vote for the People’s Choice Award!


K Weigand print wins People’s Choice Award

The beautiful St Mary’s Church Towers in downtown Fredericksburg Texas are a treasured icon.  I am very fortunate to have grown up in such a lovely town.

Title: The Way, The Truth, & The Lightstmarys2
The story behind the image:
After leaving the studio late one night, I realized that Fredericksburg had been covered in a thick fog.  A new energy renewed me, and I went in back to the studio, grabbed my tripod and camera gear, and drove straight to the church towers.  They did not disappoint.  The scene was moody and beautiful, like an old-master oil painting.
I began setting up my tripod, but I already knew, before I took the shot, that it would be a gallery print.


Here’s a snapshot of a 16×20 framed giclèe canvas while it was hanging during the Fall 2015 “Our Town” Photography Show, hosted by Fredericksburg Theater Co.
This print has sold, but contact us or visit www.westerngalleries.com to order your own signed print!

• PPA International Merit Award.  Displayed at Imaging USA, New Orleans, LA
• People’s Choice Award, ‘Our Town’ Photography Art Show, Fredericksburg Texas.

NOW AVAILABLE as folded Christmas Cards!IMG_1839
I just created the first batch of these beautiful 5×7 folded cards…(cell phone pic does not do it justice).

Shop at:  www.westerngalleries.com

Thanks for looking and contact me if you have any questions.

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Barbie: Beauty-ful Portraits for Women + by pro photographer Kathy Weigand in Fredericksburg Tx

Meet Barbie!!!
She’s brave, she’s beautiful, she’s a hard-worker … she’s a mom and a grandmother who is well-loved by her family and friends … she inspires other women, and now she’s my new friend!


Before photo credit: Jordan Beckmann
Make-up & Hair: Jordan Beckmann at Simply Hair in Fredericksburg

BEAUTY-FUL is brand new, and it was created just for women… its time for ladies to embrace ourselves for who we are  … no matter what size clothing we wear!!!  Leave your husband and kids at home for just a couple hours, and come have some fun with us!!!  Contact Kathy for details on our BEAUTY-FUL SEPTEMBER SPECIAL!!!  You and your family will love the results!

Barbie and I had such a great time, getting to know each other, as well as Jordan too!  Barbie is beauty-ful on the inside and out, and it was my honor to meet her!

We had an amazing time at the salon, and after we were running around Fredericksburg at some of my favorite photo locations ….. we hit the town!!!  Good times!
THANK YOU Barbie!!!

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Dee: BEAUTY-FUL Curvy Woman Portraits + Fredericksburg Kerrville Boerne Comfort Tx Photographer

Meet Dee:
A brave lady who happily agreed to try my new BEAUTY-FUL idea and show her natural beauty!
I am so excited to see BEAUTY-FUL get started… and what an amazing start!

Society is tough on women.  We are tough on ourselves.  Its no wonder why women are so stressed out and worried about every little thing in our lives!  We would rather try to loose a few pounds – which is a life-long battle – or fret over some scars, then just embrace ourselves for who we are!  Your kids, husband, and family love you for who you are – your heart & soul – not what dress size you are!
BEAUTY-FUL, is a combination make-over & photo session geared towards – REAL WOMEN –  CURVEY WOMEN –  of any shape or size!
No kids, no husbands… its just us ladies and we start the day together at the salon!

Here is a sneakpeak of yesterday’s make-over & photoshoot with Dee, my awesome friend and one beautiful woman!   We had a blast – great memories that we will always be able to look back on and have a good laugh!


And especially a HUGE thank you to Brandy Pate, whom I have partnered with on this campaign!   She is a super talented hair & make-up stylist at Jay & Co in Fredericksburg Texas, who also believes in QUALITY!    Together we are creating a fun, relaxed, & pampered day – just for LADIES!


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The ‘M’ Family: Fredericksburg Texas Outdoor Family Portraits @ Settler’s Crossing B&B

Recently, I had the honor of meeting the ‘M’ Family, who were staying at the scenic Settler’s Crossing, (out towards Luckenbach) just outside of Fredericksburg Tx.  They were on a family vacation and had traveled here for some R&R, and family portraits!  The weather was amazing, and the children did great!  Arn’t those kids so adorable?

I was so blessed to meet them!  What a wonderful day!

Here are a few of my favorites from their session…

1007 1023 1032 1036 1037 1040 1050 1055

To book your own FAMILY SESSION please call 830-342-7161 or email us.

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