Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx

We are all going through some challenging times with the virus pandemic, and so I find myself being drawn even closer to nature. I try to go outdoors every chance I get! It seems like I can always find some tiny visual surprise outside that helps me to take my mind of the real world.Continue reading “Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx”

Take better travel photos of the Texas Coast, by Kathy Weigand.

How to take better travel photos. Photographing the outdoors can be a challenge, especially if your on a limited time vacation schedule,  and your family is traveling with you. I always have precious ‘family time’ with my family, but I also like to try & set aside some ‘photography time’, esp at sunset or sunrise.  Often, my family willContinue reading “Take better travel photos of the Texas Coast, by Kathy Weigand.”