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New! Colorado Aspens Abstract Fine Art
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Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx

We are all going through some challenging times with the virus pandemic, and so I find myself being drawn even closer to nature. I try to go outdoors every chance I get!
It seems like I can always find some tiny visual surprise outside that helps me to take my mind of the real world. And Mother Nature always seems to have a bounty of visual treasures! You just have to step outside, relax, and search for her JOYS.
Don’t forget to take your camera!
For the last week or two, our peach trees have been in full bloom on our ranch, and I love watching the dainty butterflies dance from bloom to bloom, constantly moving. They are so incredibly peaceful. I can’t help but think about where they came from, and how long their journeys are, while I’m clicking away on my camera.
The light was a bit soft on this day, but I still managed to get a couple backlit shots while trying to keep the background blurred. A soft background helps your main subject stand out more, which in turn, helps to create more impact in your images.
And personally, I just love it when the backlit ambient light filters through their thin wings like this first image.

The different peach tree varieties bloom in stages. The earlier varieties have pretty much leafed out & the blooms are past their peak. The blooms don’t last very long! But the good news is, the later peach tree varieties are now blooming!

The bees and butterflies have fresh spring blooms to keep them busy.

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Creating artwork since 2001

Bison – Into the Light, original oil


Bison Study
8×10 oil on canvas

Its almost done, just need to tweak a few spots here and there.
This piece is speaking to me, perhaps its the simplicity of it.

Inspired by one of my photos from Yellowstone as a reference. Love the American West!

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First Friday Art Walk, Fredericksburg Tx

A delightful monthly event for artlovers, the first Friday of every month is a wonderful way to spend an evening of ART, Hill Country atmosphere, and socializing with friends in downtown Fredericksburg!
Many participating local art galleries keep their doors open late into the evening (often 8pm), for this self-guided tour around town. Each gallery offers its own unique character and style.
Discover art from around the USA as well as local artists!

Photo of the Vereins-Kirche, downtown Fredericksburg Tx.
The Vereins-Kirche (Society Church), the first public building in Fredericksburg, was designed by a Dr. Schubert of the Adelsverein, and built by the first settlers of Fredericksburg in 1847.

It was built following an ancient German style known as the “Carolingian octagon,” exemplified by the original portion of the cathedral of Charlemagne at Aachen. In the 1800’s, all of the local religious groups in Fredericksburg used the building, which stood in the middle of Main Street. It was nicknamed the Kaffeemühle (coffee mill) for its octagonal shape.


Lone Oak – New Oil Painting! Hill Country Images in Fredericksburg TX

I really enjoyed painting this one.

I wanted to create a Hill Country landscape with simplicity, warm tones, as well as cool blue hues.  Its been so hot here lately with 100+ degree HOT summer days, I can almost feel a breeze hitting that tree. 🙂

‘Lone Oak’  6×8 oil on board

Its currently being displayed & available for sale at my good friends business, Donald Eckhardt Peach Orchards, located on Highway 87 S just outside Fredericksburg Tx.  In addition to artwork, they also have antiques, and some of the best tasting Hill Country Peaches around!!!!

Hope you enjoy this Hill Country landscape as much as I did while I was painting it!


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Take better travel photos of the Texas Coast, by Kathy Weigand.

How to take better travel photos.

Photographing the outdoors can be a challenge, especially if your on a limited time vacation schedule,  and your family is traveling with you.

I always have precious ‘family time’ with my family, but I also like to try & set aside some ‘photography time’, esp at sunset or sunrise.  Often, my family will be asleep in the hotel room when I go out for ‘my photography time’ in the early morning.  It can be a challenge to wake up early, leave your family,  and haul camera equipment around in the dark of the night.     I’m the only serious photographer in my family, but sometimes one or more of my family members will tag along, and that makes some great family bonding time too!     I may be able to bribe my youngest son to go out early with me if I assure him that we will first stop at a donut shop.

Once a great location is found, it might take 2, 3, or more trips to that special spot before you get some ‘magic light’ and can create a strong image in camera …. if your lucky enough and Mother Nature works in your favor!

Stormy clouds can create beautiful sunrises & sunsets, so try to go out and photograph the scenery when a cold front or storm blows through, just stay safe.   I always watch the weather, and use a weather app.   I really enjoy photographing the outdoors during storms, fog, as well as cold fronts as it can create beautiful & moody skies.

Day 1:     Mid-afternoon scouting
This is a great time to use any basic point-n-shoot camera, or any SLR Camera with a general purpose zoom lens for your mid-afternoon excursions with the family.
My family & I visited Fulton Pier near Rockport Texas, and I grabbed a hand-held snaphot of it during the mid-afternoon  This is the worst time of the day for photography, because the sun is high in the sky, creating harsh shadows, contrast, and its a very boring light.     It looks like a standard snapshot.  See pic below.

Day 1:   Sunset
I returned to the Pier that evening with my wide angle landscape lenses and tripod, hoping that the light would be interesting.  But the evening sky was weak & boring – there weren’t enough interesting clouds to create a dramatic sky, and people were in the shot.

Some people would say, ‘just use photoshop and drop in a great sky!’, but I prefer to try and take good images in-camera.  It takes a lot patience.

I changed my plans that evening, and focused on boats instead.  I went to the T-heads, and used the sails and masts on the boats to fill the weak sky.  A polarizer filter helped to darken the sky.  A graduated neutral density filter would help with that as well.
I like how the golden sunlight is hitting the boat in this image.

It was a peaceful evening, and we enjoyed watching the boats.



On our second morning, my youngest son and I awoke around 4am, and we loaded my camera gear inthe car.  We arrived at the pier long before sunrise and had plenty of time to mill around – and eat a couple donuts!

There were no other people, and the dark, pre-dawn clouds were rolling through.  It could be a good sunrise.  Maybe.

We set up the tripod, & waited.
And waited.

Finally, the light just barely began to peek through, and I started shooting away.
The sun rays were beautiful, but the window of opportunity was very short.  The ‘magic light’ only lasted a few minutes, because a wall of thick clouds rolled in, completely blocking the sun.  So glad we were already set up!

Because of our pre-planning, we managed to get a couple great shots – an award winner!

tip:  Always have a bag filled with extra goodies, such as water, duct tape and/or gaffner tape, snacks, extra batteries, cards, bug spray, sunscreen, etc… and make sure its always ready to go.

So, as you travel about with your family, enjoy the moments shared together, and have fun chasing the light!   Don’t get discouraged if the light doesn’t work in your favor.  You may need to re-visit (if you can) to get a better shot in a different light.

Reproductions prohibited.  Please do  not reproduce (print or digital) without written permission from the artist.  All rights reserved