Michelle: Beauty-Ful Portraits for WOMEN in Fredericksburg Texas + Before & After

Meet Michelle!

She’s a wife, mom, and our recent BEAUTY-FUL customer!


Air brushed make-up & hair by the ever-so-talented artist Brandy Pate … at Jay & Co.

Arn’t Michelle’s eyes STUNNING???
I can remember WWAAAAYYY back, when we were just teenagers, how pretty her eyes were!  She does have beautiful natural features!!!

Michelle is one of our recent ladies to work with myself & make-up artist Brandy Pate in this new endeavor called BEAUTY-FUL …  and I think BEAUTY-FUL is a HIT!!!

She has natural beauty already, & it comes from deep within.

Many of us women CRINGE at the thought of getting in front of a camera.  Trust me, I know!

We tell ourselves  … We arn’t photogenic


We wait until “SOMEDAY” when we can try the latest greatest diet & loose a few more pounds –  before we embrace ourselves!  Well, guess what?  Those pounds may never come off!  Its time, ladies, to realize that our family and our children love us for who we are, and not for what size clothing we wear!!!

I’m on a mission to prove that women don’t have to be a size 4 or smaller to be beautiful!!!

What kind of photos will your kids inherit of  YOU?  Seriously THINK about that for a few moments & look around your house!  The Queen of England has tons of quality heirloom portraits of herself… formal & casual from her birth to her golden years… an extensive library.  Ya, ya, ya she’s a Queen, whatever.   But look around your home, how many QUALITY prints do you have of JUST YOU?

I created BEAUTY-FUL just for us curvy and REAL women… its for all shapes & sizes, mom’s, & grandmothers!

With BEAUTY-FUL you get to spend an afternoon with us in Fredericksburg.  It includes a couple hours at the salon – getting pampered with a complete make-over!     Then we’re off to an adventurous photoshoot around town!  There’s no telling what we might end up doing!!!   Its relaxing and so fun!   :)))
Afterward, enjoy some wine, dinner, or have  your hubby take you out on a date… lol!

Its all about YOU!!!  

Its about embracing yourself, having an incredible time, and forever enjoying the results of BEAUTY-FUL!

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Dee: BEAUTY-FUL Curvy Woman Portraits + Fredericksburg Kerrville Boerne Comfort Tx Photographer

Meet Dee:
A brave lady who happily agreed to try my new BEAUTY-FUL idea and show her natural beauty!
I am so excited to see BEAUTY-FUL get started… and what an amazing start!

Society is tough on women.  We are tough on ourselves.  Its no wonder why women are so stressed out and worried about every little thing in our lives!  We would rather try to loose a few pounds – which is a life-long battle – or fret over some scars, then just embrace ourselves for who we are!  Your kids, husband, and family love you for who you are – your heart & soul – not what dress size you are!
BEAUTY-FUL, is a combination make-over & photo session geared towards – REAL WOMEN –  CURVEY WOMEN –  of any shape or size!
No kids, no husbands… its just us ladies and we start the day together at the salon!

Here is a sneakpeak of yesterday’s make-over & photoshoot with Dee, my awesome friend and one beautiful woman!   We had a blast – great memories that we will always be able to look back on and have a good laugh!


And especially a HUGE thank you to Brandy Pate, whom I have partnered with on this campaign!   She is a super talented hair & make-up stylist at Jay & Co in Fredericksburg Texas, who also believes in QUALITY!    Together we are creating a fun, relaxed, & pampered day – just for LADIES!


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The ‘M’ Family: Fredericksburg Texas Outdoor Family Portraits @ Settler’s Crossing B&B

Recently, I had the honor of meeting the ‘M’ Family, who were staying at the scenic Settler’s Crossing, (out towards Luckenbach) just outside of Fredericksburg Tx.  They were on a family vacation and had traveled here for some R&R, and family portraits!  The weather was amazing, and the children did great!  Arn’t those kids so adorable?

I was so blessed to meet them!  What a wonderful day!

Here are a few of my favorites from their session…

1007 1023 1032 1036 1037 1040 1050 1055

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2013 PPA Print Competition Winners

Its Official!

Three images have recently earned Print Merits at the 2013 Professional Photographer Assoc (PPA) International Print Competition and will be displayed at the huge PPA Imaging USA Conference, January 12-14 2014 in Phoenix Arizona.

A panel of 43 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top images from nearly 5,000 total entries at the Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia.
Judged against a standard of excellence, the PPA uses 12 Elements as the “gold standard” to define a merit earning image.    Merits earned are applied to earning the prestigious Master Photographer Degree.

All of these prints are available for purchase at www.kathyweigand.com   Click on ‘The Weigand Collection’ & ‘Photographic Prints’

Here are this year’s winners …

Colorado Golden Mine

Title:  Colorado Golden Mine
This shot was taken near Ouray Colorado.  It looks like a warm day, but it was freezing cold – in the teens!

Italian Wine

Title:  Italian Wine

I admit I was nervous with this entry.  Since it is such a simple Still Life image reflecting the style of the Old Masters, would it have enough impact for the judges as soon as they first viewed it?   First impressions are so important, and now-a-days, it seems like the vast majority of print competition images are fantasy style images, heavily photoshopped, with deeply saturated colors, and tons of textured layers.  Photoshop brings out the imagination in us artists!

When I first envisioned this series of Still Life’s, I knew that the Old Masters only used natural light, and that is what I wanted to use… no flash, no big studio lights, just the simple sunlight.   I had to get up before dawn and have everything set up, ready for the first rays of light to shine in at that low angle.  If I would have waited until later in the day, the light would be different.  Very little Photoshop was applied.   I love how that one grape in front is less than perfect… but arn’t we all? lol!

Also, this particular image has a special meaning to me… the Italian vase belonged to my Grandmother and I miss her dearly.

I was so excited to learn that it too had scored a Merit!

Title: Storm Over the Homestead

Storm Over the Homestead

The first time I photographed this amazing scene it was a clear blue sky at sunset… not very interesting for me as a photographer.   So a year or so later, I stopped again at this old Homestead just outside Fredericksburg Texas and this time the clouds were rolling in fast!  Great lighting and drama in the sky!

My kids were in the car, bored, which is normal when I’m out with my camera.  But I was as happy as could be getting this shot with my tripod from the side of the road!

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3 Generations Portrait at the Magnolia House B&B in Fredericksburg Texas

Arn’t these ladies beautiful?
I was so happy to meet them and learn that they were a three generation family, spending a wonderful weekend together (no men allowed – lol!) just to have some precious family time together!  How awesome is that?  We all should be trying to spend more time with our loved ones!


They were staying at the Magnolia House B&B in Fredericksburg Texas, so we simply took their portrait photos there.  Its a great place with a beautiful yard, large brick porch and steps, and southern character, which is always great for photos!

Thank you ladies for inspiring me and reminding me that I should be spending more time with my Mom & daughter too! 😉


The ‘B’ Family Outdoor Bluebonnet Portraits + Boerne Texas


Sugar & Spice and everything nice …

It was really windy, and full sun, but the spring bluebonnets were looking great!

The ‘B’ Family came down from Boerne, and soon after meeting this beautiful family on their portrait day, I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun!

Arn’t their two daughters beautiful?

Talk about being able to model!!!   These two young ladies can quickly change their expressions when asked – in a snap!    Just like Top Model, these girls can work like a model!!!  Want fierce?  No problem!  Want sweet?  No problem!  lol!!!

Thank you guys!  I had a great time meeting you and your family!

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The ‘N’ Family Portrait Day + Downtown Fredericksburg Main St. Marketplatz

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Adrianne’s beautiful Bridals & their wedding, which was an amazing day!

Eventually, I had the chance to photograph their newborn baby, and now their growing family too!  I LOVE seeing their beautiful family grow!  (But I’m starting to feel a little old – lol!)  All kidding aside, I’m honored to be able to take their family photos!  Thank you Adrianne!

Here are a few more photos from their last session in downtown Fredericksburg at Marketplatz!

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Debby + Outdoor Portraits in downtown Fredericksburg Texas

Here is Debby from Fredericksburg Texas.

What a beautiful lady!

She has such an amazing ‘spark’ in her eyes and a wonderful, kind, spirit!  What an honor it is to be able to photograph such an amazing woman!  Thank you Debby!
We had such a fun time during the session!

Here are a few sneak peaks!

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