2013 PPA Print Competition Winners

Its Official!

Three images have recently earned Print Merits at the 2013 Professional Photographer Assoc (PPA) International Print Competition and will be displayed at the huge PPA Imaging USA Conference, January 12-14 2014 in Phoenix Arizona.

A panel of 43 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top images from nearly 5,000 total entries at the Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia.
Judged against a standard of excellence, the PPA uses 12 Elements as the “gold standard” to define a merit earning image.    Merits earned are applied to earning the prestigious Master Photographer Degree.

All of these prints are available for purchase at www.kathyweigand.com   Click on ‘The Weigand Collection’ & ‘Photographic Prints’

Here are this year’s winners …

Colorado Golden Mine

Title:  Colorado Golden Mine
This shot was taken near Ouray Colorado.  It looks like a warm day, but it was freezing cold – in the teens!

Italian Wine

Title:  Italian Wine

I admit I was nervous with this entry.  Since it is such a simple Still Life image reflecting the style of the Old Masters, would it have enough impact for the judges as soon as they first viewed it?   First impressions are so important, and now-a-days, it seems like the vast majority of print competition images are fantasy style images, heavily photoshopped, with deeply saturated colors, and tons of textured layers.  Photoshop brings out the imagination in us artists!

When I first envisioned this series of Still Life’s, I knew that the Old Masters only used natural light, and that is what I wanted to use… no flash, no big studio lights, just the simple sunlight.   I had to get up before dawn and have everything set up, ready for the first rays of light to shine in at that low angle.  If I would have waited until later in the day, the light would be different.  Very little Photoshop was applied.   I love how that one grape in front is less than perfect… but arn’t we all? lol!

Also, this particular image has a special meaning to me… the Italian vase belonged to my Grandmother and I miss her dearly.

I was so excited to learn that it too had scored a Merit!

Title: Storm Over the Homestead

Storm Over the Homestead

The first time I photographed this amazing scene it was a clear blue sky at sunset… not very interesting for me as a photographer.   So a year or so later, I stopped again at this old Homestead just outside Fredericksburg Texas and this time the clouds were rolling in fast!  Great lighting and drama in the sky!

My kids were in the car, bored, which is normal when I’m out with my camera.  But I was as happy as could be getting this shot with my tripod from the side of the road!

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New Native American Original Fine Art Print: Fredericksburg Texas, Gallery Pow-wow & abstract prints

Have I ever mentioned that I love Western Art?

Can’t help it… there is just something special about wild horses, cowboys, and of course… Native American!

Call it the Wild West, American West, or whatever you’d like, there is some magic here in these two newest prints… and great colors! 😉

Be sure to visit our main website & click on the ‘SHOP WESTERN GALLERIES’ to see more Native American, Western, Horses, Cowboys, etc…

“Native Spirit” – Abstract Series
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What I’m looking for:

Texas cowboy/cowgirl Models!  Preferred working ranch, and authentic style Texas cowboys/cowgirls in your usual environment.  Using the horses and gear that you are comfortable with and normally use often.

The JOB:
Must be able to work with my ideas, & repeat the action shots for the best shot … riding your horse at sunset, running a small group of horses through a small creek, or dusty pen, or on foot working a rope, or standing in barn doorway, holding saddle, working cattle, etc.  Perhaps we can work in not so perfect weather too – fixing a fence with a rain storm approaching is ok, mud, slop, etc…!

It will be fun!!!! Whatever scenes we can safely use on the ranch with horses & cattle. Perhaps a well behaved working cattle dog or two like blue heelers or border collies are ok too.

No Goats, Sheep, or Exotics please!

I live in Harper/Fbg area, but the ranch can be anywhere in the Texas Hill Country! Traveling outside the Hill Country is available too, just let me know where the ranch is.

Adult Men &/or Women preferred.  Older ranchers with ‘character’ shots are good too!

Sunset or sunrise. Shooting until nearly dark, or up before dawn for prime light.

If you are 18+ yrs old, a standard MODEL RELEASE MUST BE SIGNED to qualify!  This gives me complete permission to use the images anyway as I need … website, blog, facebook, gallery prints, possibly magazine or book publications, etc…  these are just some places where your images might be displayed.

Kathy Weigand Photography is not responsible for any accidents or health related issues before/in transit to/during/or leaving the location.  Model at your own risk!


This is a great opportunity to be a MODEL & have professional portraits taken of yourself at your ranch!

Anyone can message me at sales@hillcountryimages.com and briefly describe your raching lifestyle, and include a snapshot or two!



Legion Creek Sunrise – Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets – near Fredericksburg Tx

Title: Legion Creek Sunrise
Original Fine Art Print

This was such a wonderful morning!  My daughter and I left the house way before dawn and drove to the Willow City Loop area on Hwy 16 North of Fredericksburg Tx.  I was hoping to get some good bluebonnet sunrise shots, but I didn’t expect to see this wonderful steam rising up from Legion Creek!  With the sun just barely rising from behind the hill, the light began to flow across the scene.  Within just a few short minutes, the warm light was gone.

It reminds me of Ansel Adam’s quote, “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”

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Spring is heading to the Texas Hill Country!

This warm weather that we’ve had lately makes me think of spring!  Yup, the grass in our back pasture is getting a little greener! Yay!  The recent rains give me hope that we might have some decent bluebonnets this spring.

Hwy 16 North is a favorite for spotting bluebonnets in April!  From Main St in Fredericksburg head north on Hwy 16, towards the Willow City Loop.


Prints and artwork featuring Texas bluebonnets are available.


2011 PPA Print Competition

I’m so happy that I’m sharing a little part of the Texas Hill Country with the PPA, Professional Photographers of America, International Print Competition – it scored a merit, so it should be on display in New Orleans!  woohoo!

Title:  The Way, Truth, & The Light
St Mary’s Church in downtown Fredericksburg Texas late on a foggy night! I actually took this in Dec 2010 after working at the studio until about 11pm! I had no idea that it was so foggy until I walked out to my car.  Of course I had  to go back to the studio and grab my camera (tripod is always in my car) after I saw the towers GLOWING in the fog!     The funniest part about that night was – it was so foggy that my mom saw ‘a photographer using a tripod’ that night at St Mary’s and wished it was me – it was me!  The fog was so thick she couldn’t tell who it was!  haha!

I LOVE moody images!  So cool!



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