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  • On The Easel… Mama’s Resting

    On The Easel… Mama’s Resting

    Title: Mama’s Resting8×10 oil on Belgium linen stretched canvas I’m so thrilled to finish this adorable little 8×10 oil painting, its been fun working on those warm & cool hues and values. It began with a quick glance. This large mama cow caught my attention a few days ago while I was driving past their […]

  • Winter Landscape Photography Tips

    Winter Landscape Photography Tips

    Photography is challenging, and chasing the light in winter can put photographers in tricky situations. Here are a few ideas for Winter Landscapes: When shooting in cold or below-freezing weather, it is critical to have a fully charged set of batteries and plenty of extra batteries.  Cold temperatures will quickly drain batteries.  Between shots, try […]

  • 6×8 Original Oil: Spring in the Hill Country

    6×8 Original Oil: Spring in the Hill Country

    Life is one big adventure and I’m always trying to absorb new things. Its fun trying out new oil painting techniques and I’m trying to learn how to do basic video editing too! lol! I just recently added Gamblin’s NEO MEGILP medium to my oil palette. I’ve only used it a couple times (outdoors mostly), […]

  • 2020 Miniature Oils & Gifts

    2020 Miniature Oils & Gifts

    New 6×6 oil on board plein air painting by KWeigand. This plein air cactus landscape was painted in the evening light on our ranch here in Fredericksburg. Here is a sneak peak of our 2020 Holiday Miniature Oils & Gift Sale that starts next week on BLACK FRIDAY!+ FREE reg shipping on all orders. UPDATE: […]

  • Colorado Aspens – Abstract Art

    Colorado Aspens – Abstract Art

    Colorado Aspens Abstract Fine Art for large displaysignedshipped ready to hang Artwork is created on demand, please expect minimum 3 weeks delivery.Our hand-picked Master printers only use today’s top equipment, archival pigment inks, and gallery quality materials.  Quality Guarantee + FREE USA GROUND SHIP Please contact us with any questions. © Hill Country ImagesReproductions prohibited. […]

  • The Old Tree Behind Dodds Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg Tx

    The Old Tree Behind Dodds Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg Tx

    I remember when growing up our family would visit the Dodd’s Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg TX. As a kid I wasn’t very interested in gardening, but I always enjoyed seeing that old oak tree in their back yard! It was magnificent back then, with its many twisted limbs, and its still a beauty! […]

  • Hill Country Peach Blooms

    Hill Country Peach Blooms

    The Hill Country is filled with the beautiful peach orchard blooms. Spring is here!The Bluebonnets are blooming, as well as an early Indian Paintbrush here and there.But our peach & other fruit trees are looking so beautiful! And they are covered with butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Here are a few photos that I took […]

  • Photography as Art – exploring a ‘Blue Period’

    The Blue Period is a term used to define to the works produced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904, when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, only occasionally warmed by other colors. These somber works, inspired by Spain but painted in Paris, are now some of his most popular works, although he had difficulty selling them […]

  • Old Texas Hill Country Barn – TMax B&W Film

    Old Texas Hill Country Barn – TMax B&W Film

    Just had to post an old image that I took in the early 2000’s with FILM!  That was back in the good ‘ol days before I made the switch to digital. EQUIPMENT USED:Canon EOS3TMAX b&w filmTripodlight meterShutter release Today’s digital cameras are amazing, but at times I really miss my film days and I still keep […]

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