Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx

We are all going through some challenging times with the virus pandemic, and so I find myself being drawn even closer to nature. I try to go outdoors every chance I get! It seems like I can always find some tiny visual surprise outside that helps me to take my mind of the real world.Continue reading “Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx”

Take better travel photos of the Texas Coast, by Kathy Weigand.

How to take better travel photos. Photographing the outdoors can be a challenge, especially if your on a limited time vacation schedule,  and your family is traveling with you. I always have precious ‘family time’ with my family, but I also like to try & set aside some ‘photography time’, esp at sunset or sunrise.  Often, my family willContinue reading “Take better travel photos of the Texas Coast, by Kathy Weigand.”

‘Colorado Reflections’ As Seen On St Jude Posters

Title: Colorado Reflections A division of St Jude Medical has recently purchased ‘Colorado Reflections’ to use as an internal poster in several St Jude Medical Centers! photo © Kathy Weigand Hill Country Images Our images are for our display only, reproductions prohibited. Do not re-print, crop logo, or reproduce without prior written permission.