Texas Hill Country Images: Gearing up for Bluebonnet Season

Near Mason Tx

By mid March of each year, its always an exciting time here in central Texas as we look forward to seeing this year’s crop of BLUEBONNETS!!!

Our famous little Bluebonnet plants are hardy, and with just a small amount of moisture, they will start popping up – & do I dare pray for oceans of blue? Yes indeed!

By early to mid-March the peach trees are usually BLOOMING!!!!  Hopefully we’ll see the orchards in full bloom soon!  Although these orchard blooms are beautiful, they blooms usually do not last very long!  If you want photos of the peach blooms, please plan well ahead of time.
Contact on of my favorite local peach Growers… DONALD ECKHARDT PEACH ORCHARDS

Fredericksburg Tx Peach Orchard in bloom

I’m trying to get organized… planning… thinking about the many Hill Country County Roads and locations that I’ve found great bluebonnets in previous years.   I’ve got my list ready and as soon as Bluebonnets start arriving, I plan on exploring through the countryside whenever I can – scouting and searching for those blue patches!

Hopefully we will have some amazing sunsets.  Even thunderheads in the distance can help add mood and colorful skies to those bluebonnet fields.

Church in Art Tx


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Bluebonnet Farm, Texas Hill Country Wildflowers, digital stock image, signed fine art print, canvas, wall print, western gallery, fredericksburg

Title:  Bluebonnet Farm

original media: slide film


Now available as a fine art signed mounted Wall Print or stretched Canvas.
Expect at least 2 weeks delivery.

Photo taken in central Texas by Marble Falls & Burnet – near Austin & Fredericksburg!

Since this image was taken, the fields surrounding the old farmhouse have never been as colorful and as pretty as that bountiful year!





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‘Rock Wall Sunburst’ on display at Hill Country BBQ in Washington DC

Thank you to Rachael at the Hill Country BBQ restaurant in Washington DC, for sending me a pic of my ‘Rock Wall Sunburst’ that’s hanging on their wall! BB2 in Washington

Simply contact us to  order your own original signed Wall Prints or Canvas  – many sizes available!

‘Rock Wall Sunburst’ taken in Mason County, near Fredericksburg & Mason Tx, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

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The ‘R’ Family + Outdoor Bluebonnet Portraits + Del Rio Texas

There’s just something special about the spring time in the Texas Hill Country, and getting your family portraits taken in a nice big bluebonnet patch!  That’s what the ‘R’ Family did, and they drove all the way from Del Rio, just for portraits with their small children!  I am so honored that I got to to meet and photograph them!  Thank you guys!!!!

Here are a couple pics from The “R” Family Portraits!

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Images from Fredericksburg Texas… The Old Homestead

Yesterday, we just happened to be in the Fredericksburg area around sunset, and so I made a beeline back to this old farm out on Tivydale Rd.  Talk about character, this old farm has a ton of character!  I’ve admired it for a loooong time!

I’ve photographed this old farm a year or two ago, but I was hoping that this evening would produce a nice light with more dramatic clouds.

I had to wait until nearly dark hoping that the sun would peek through the large cloud cover.  It did – barely.  I smiled.

The clouds help to create mood.  Hope you like!!!

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2012 Fredericksburg Tx, Hill Country: Bluebonnet Sightings + Photography Tips

2012 Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet Sightings & Wildflower updates + Photo Tips!

UPDATE March 29, 2012

Bluebonnets are starting to peak and NOW IS THE TIME TO GO SIGHTSEEING if you haven’t already!  This weekend and the next week or so should be great for photo ops and viewing.

Stonewall Texas @ LBJ Park. Bluebonnets, yellow splashes of color at the old log cabins.

Highway 290 between Stonewall & Fredericksburg has spotty patches of mixed colors and many new wine tasting rooms!

Highway 16N – North of Fredericksburg to Llano

Willow City Loop off of Highway 16 (stop at the Knot in the Loop Bar for a Burger or Beer and tell Robin or Wayne that I sent you).  Great colors.  Weekends will probably be busy on the popular Loop!

Llano area and a the small Llano airport – great field of colors!
MASON County and around Mason – Great colors!

UPDATE March 23, 2012

Fredericksburg + Willow City Loop + Llano + Mason Texas area:  its looking great this year and our area should be peaking within the next several days  …  around April 1st …  which is earlier than normal.

Farther south in Washington County + Brenham area – looking great this year and is peaking now

March 8, 2012:
With the good amount of rain that we’ve had this winter (and are still getting) the Texas Hill Country Wildflowers are begining to bloom – but are still in the earliest of stages!

West of Fredericksburg, in the Harper area, patches of yellow floral colors are dotting the pastures and highways.  Trees are blooming.  Its looking like spring!

By later this March, we should be having a great bluebonnet and wildflower crop!

Will this year be as good as 2010?
So far, it looks like 2012 should be really good, if not, excellent year!


Kathy’s Wildflower Photography Tips:

– If its sunny or partly cloudy, get up before dawn and be on-location at sunrise or plan for a sunset shoot and scout locations during the mid-day.
– Fabulous sunset/sunrise colors can occur after a coldfront goes through, or a thunderstorm.   Safety first… but try taking photos around storms for added drama in the sky.  Watch the weather!
– Overcast days produce a very soft light, all-day long, which work great for macro closeups, or wildflower clusters around granite rock lined creeks, or small waterfalls … just crop out the boring grey sky.
– Know how to manipulate the light in your favor… with light modifiers such as reflectors, constant (video) light, or hotshoe flash (off camera).  I never shoot with the flash on the camera.
– For wide angle landscapes …  USE A QUALITY TRIPOD, and shoot with a larger depth of field such as F22, so most of the image will be in focus.
– Take multiple exposures (bracketing).
– Have patience!  Wait for the breeze to calm down or the crowds to clear.
– Please remember that most of the Texas Hill Country property is privately owned.  Never cross fences without permission.  Respect the landowner’s and respect Texas!

If you have any Hill Country Wildflower sightings, feel free to comment below!

Legion Creek Sunrise – Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets – near Fredericksburg Tx

Title: Legion Creek Sunrise
Original Fine Art Print

This was such a wonderful morning!  My daughter and I left the house way before dawn and drove to the Willow City Loop area on Hwy 16 North of Fredericksburg Tx.  I was hoping to get some good bluebonnet sunrise shots, but I didn’t expect to see this wonderful steam rising up from Legion Creek!  With the sun just barely rising from behind the hill, the light began to flow across the scene.  Within just a few short minutes, the warm light was gone.

It reminds me of Ansel Adam’s quote, “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”

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Spring is heading to the Texas Hill Country!

This warm weather that we’ve had lately makes me think of spring!  Yup, the grass in our back pasture is getting a little greener! Yay!  The recent rains give me hope that we might have some decent bluebonnets this spring.

Hwy 16 North is a favorite for spotting bluebonnets in April!  From Main St in Fredericksburg head north on Hwy 16, towards the Willow City Loop.


Prints and artwork featuring Texas bluebonnets are available.