(C) Canvas Gallery Wraps – Artist signed and sprayed with a protective satin finished layer.
(C) Framed Canvas – Add a floating wood frame made from USA poplar wood.
Frame colors: black, walnut brown, & white.

(M) Acrylic
Printed on thick acrylic with an added acrylic layer on top. High gloss display.

(M) Metal
Printed on aluminum w/ rounded corners.
Both Acrylic & Metal offer a modern style, and ‘float’ off the wall.

(T) Paper Prints
Printed on thick matte archival matte cold-press paper (needs framing). Our favorite paper offers exceptionally rich tonal values.

All printed products are created by our hand-picked Master Printers (non-retail) who use state-of-the-art equipment. Inks are at a 200 year permanence level.

What’s your style?
(M) Modern
(C) Contemporary
(T) Traditional

What is a room’s Focal Point?
The area of greatest interest in a room.

A single image can be a stunning focal point! It needs to be as large as the space allows for greater impact. It grabs attention, starts conversations, and acts as a starting point telling your family’s story.

Other smaller prints placed throughout your home, continue your family’s story.

Multi – Image Groupings

Wall Groupings such as 3-in-a-row display well in hallways & stairs.

A tic-tac-toe grid can form a pattern display of 4, 6, or 9 prints. Square or vertical prints look great.

HINT: A classic black & white portrait display can help draw the viewer deeper into the images, observing the fine details of the presentation. Sometimes, colors can actually be a distraction .


8×10 Portfolio Prints shown with white matting (add’l). Overall frame size 11×14.


Fine art heavy matte paper prints with exceptional tonal values and long-term archival qualities.
These multi-use 8×10’s work well for young families with limited space, or for those who often move around. They can be easily stored in a Keepsake Box or at anytime down the road, you can add matting & frame them for a shelf, table, or wall display. These prints are great for wall groupings and as gift prints too!

Many clients are collecting these 8×10 Portfolio Prints of themselves to leave their families a quality print to pass down through the generations.

Portraits & Weddings
Favorite sizes: 8×8, 8×10, 10×10

Idea: Create an annual portrait book, with a spring family portrait session, as well as a fall portrait session, showcasing your family with various colors and backgrounds through the year. We can combine your favorites into one book, and the cover can be embossed with your family name and date:

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