What’s your style?
(C) Contemporary
(M) Modern
(T) Traditional

(C) Canvas Gallery Wraps Image is printed on the sides,
and stands off the wall. Sprayed with a protective satin finish layer & ready to hang.
(C) Framed Canvas
Canvas with a floating wood frame made from USA poplar wood. No glass/no glare.
Frame colors: black, walnut brown, & white.

(M) Acrylic
Printed on thick acrylic with an acrylic layer on top. High gloss display.
(M) Metal
Printed on aluminum w/ rounded corners.
Both Acrylic & Metal ‘float’ off the wall and are ready to hang.

(T) Paper Prints
Printed on (thick) matte, museum archival, cold-press paper. Our favorite paper offers exceptionally rich tonal values.
Store in a portfolio folder or box for viewing one at a time,
or get them matted & framed to
hang on the wall.

Wall Print Sizes:
11×14 + & larger

What is a room’s Focal Point?
The area of greatest interest in a room.

Sometimes less is more, and one single image can be a stunning focal point! It needs to be as large as the space allows for greater impact. Often they are 20×30 and larger. It grabs attention, starts conversations, and acts as a starting point telling your family’s story.
Other smaller prints placed throughout your home continue your story.

Multi-Image Groupings

Wall Groupings, such as 3-in-a-row, display well in bedrooms, hallways, & stairways.

A tic-tac-toe grid of 4, 6, or 9 smaller vertical or square prints along a walk through area, near accent chairs, or over a hall table can help create harmony and tell your story.

BLACK & WHITE (or brown toned)
A classic B&W display can help draw the viewer deeper into the images, observing the fine details of the overall presentation. B&W or brown toned prints also work great displayed on walls that are painted with bold colors.

If your home offers a more neutral wall color palette, prints that have a pop of color will add a balance to your walls. Seasonal portraits such as classic Texas bluebonnets or fall colors look great in Hill Country homes. Simply add a few matching pops of color with pillows and small decorative accent pieces that will help bring the room together.


Studio prints are created by our hand-picked Master Printers (non-retail) who use state-of-the-art equipment. Inks are rated at a 200 year permanence level.


8×10 Portfolio Prints shown with optional white matting (add’l). Overall frame size 11×14.


Paper prints are created on thick matte museum paper that offers exceptional tonal values and long-term archival qualities. These multi-use smaller prints work great for families with limited space, or for those who often move around. They can be easily stored in an 8×10 Portfolio Book, or Keepsake Box, and at anytime down the road, you can add matting & frame them for a shelf, table, mantle, or wall display.
8x10s are great for Multi-Image Wall Groupings, and are favorites for gift giving too!
Many clients collect 8×10 Portfolio Prints to leave their families a quality print to pass down through the generations. It’s fun to gather around and review each, one-by-one, and hear those ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs.

8×10, 8×8 square, 5×7, & 4×6.
8×10’s and smaller are all the same price, since it takes the same amount of time to create and edit through an 8×10 as it does a 4×6. The 8×10 is the standard size Portfolio Print, but just let us know when ordering if you need a smaller size.


For Portraits & Weddings
 Favorite sizes: 8×8 square, 8×10/10×8 vertical, 10x10square

Create an annual family portrait book 
Book a spring family portrait session and a fall session to get photos of your family with various clothing styles, colors and backgrounds within the year.
We can combine your top picks from each session into one book.
Add embossed text on the cover: YOUR LAST NAME  2023

Prints are MEANINGFUL …

My Grandpa On His Wedding Day

What a tall, handsome fella! He worked cattle and horses for much of his life on big south Texas ranches, but this small, soft focus photo of him is currently our only known photo during his youth/mid-age years. I’m glad that at least we have this one, but I wish we had more!
Prints of you and your family are precious!
We may not think about how other members of your family, and future generations, may one-day wonder what you looked like!

Family prints are a valuable asset, an emotional and visual connection for you, your family, and your next generations.


As a working artist, we prefer creating quality artwork – a finished product!
And all clients receive complimentary internet (non-printable) jpegs of their purchased prints & albums.
These are free to use on social media & websites – all we ask is to tag or mention KWeigand Studio.

For clients who want to print your own, printable JPEGS may be purchased in various file sizes (same as standard print sizes). These files include the important Personal Use Release to create your own reproductions.
Just let us know what is the largest print size you’ll need – sizes range from 8×10 to billboard.

art·ist:  a person who creates art (such as painting, sculpture, music, or writing) using conscious skill and creative imagination.  A person skilled in any of the arts.

An oil painting or signed photograph, that is created by the artist, is an original. Artist signed originals retain their value more than reproductions.

Once PRINTABLE JPEGS are purchased and leave our studio, all prints or products created by clients and any 3rd party print labs are reproductions. Please understand that different home printers and retail labs will create different results from the same digital file. The quality and accuracy may be lacking.

These reproductions cannot be claimed as an original KWeigand.

Thanks for shopping local! With your purchase, you’re helping to support local artists, small business, and our local economy!

Just let us know if you have any questions on our products.

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