6×8 Original Oil: Spring in the Hill Country

Life is one big adventure and I’m always trying to absorb new things. Its fun trying out new oil painting techniques and I’m trying to learn how to do basic video editing too! lol!

I just recently added Gamblin’s NEO MEGILP medium to my oil palette. I’ve only used it a couple times (outdoors mostly), and so far, I LOVE it! Its easy to use/ transport for plein air painting here in the Hill Country.

Yesterday here in my studio, I decided to start a new small oil (6×8 on linen board) and grabbed the Neo Megilp instead of my old faithful mixed medium.

I’ve also been wanting to update my website with video clips, but I have to admit, I’ve never spent much time looking into video editing and merging clips, so I thought I would combine several new ideas into 1 evening! haha. What a day. So, I grabbed my cell and took a couple super short videos. This is a total experiment – whole new ground for me! Here we go…

I’m going to let the surface dry a bit and tweak the cloud highlights and a couple other things. But here’s a cell pic:

A couple years ago, my son and I were ‘hitting the backroads’ looking for bluebonnets & photo ops. It was one of those awesome evenings with dramatic storm clouds and fantastic golden light! I’m pretty sure he grabbed this shot with his window rolled down & camera hanging out the car. He has a good eye! Great memories.

This is just another reason why I love art so much. It offers us a reason to get out and look for the pretty things that surround us. Life is a journey.

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Mountain Views, original oil painting

Inspired by some historical photos, I painted this tipi with a strong mountain scene. Much different than my usual tipi’s and wide-open spaces.

Mountain Views

signed KWeigand
I may paint a larger one someday!

Just for fun, I used Photoshop to change it into a monochromatic type image. The photographer in me wants to see it in a light brown or black & white…

In this sepia type version, my eye is drawn more to the tipi/figure which is the focal point and has the most contrast. Since color is distracting, this is a good way to also check my values, and make sure no other elements are competing too much with my main subject.

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Wild Bay Stallion – Oil Painting Study

I had FUN creating this one! And surprisingly it all came together rather quickly for me. Paintings take on their own personality/attitude as the painting progresses. This one seemed to move along well, as soon as the rough-in sketch and first dark values were completed.
I may create a larger one some day…

This new oil painting study was created with the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Range near Cody Wyoming in mind – trying to capture their fiery wild spirit!

Wild Bay Stallion
8×10 study
oil on canvas

My messy palette

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Fredericksburg Texas 78624

Bison – Into the Light, original oil


Bison Study
8×10 oil on canvas

Its almost done, just need to tweak a few spots here and there.
This piece is speaking to me, perhaps its the simplicity of it.

Inspired by one of my photos from Yellowstone as a reference. Love the American West!

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Taos NM in Summer – original oil

I recently finished this smaller 8×10 original oil, and now, looking upon it, it takes me back to Taos NM. We really love that area. The cottonwoods, aspens, valleys, mountains in the background and its amazing cultural history … New Mexico truly is the “Land of Enchantment!”

Taos New Mexico in Summer
8×10 original oil painting
on linen panel
by KWeigand

If your planning to visit the Taos area, here’s a short list of some great places to see!
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is 650 feet high and 1280 feet long with breathtaking views.  It is easy to find on Route 64.
Taos Pueblo This place has been inhabited for over 1000 years and is an UNESCO World Heritage site. A fabulous place to visit, shop, and talk with the local natives.
Ski Valley Taos, New Mexico
• Lots of shopping and wonderful food on the main square.
• Taos High Country Loop, aka the “Enchanted Circle” … Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco, Questa, Red River, Bobcat Pass, Eagle Nest, & Angel Fire

Here’s a few Plein Air spots for artists in the Taos area:
San Francisco de Asis Church, 60 St Francis Plaza. Rancho de Taos, NM. Over 200 years old and one of the most photographed and painted churches in North America.
Picuris Pueblo, 24 mi southeast of Taos
• Moreno Valley
• San Antonio del Rio Colorado, St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Questa NM
• Wild Rivers Rec Area near Questa NM
• La Junta Campground area
• Ghost Ranch, Tierra Amarilla NM (where Georgia O’Keeffe used to live)
• The White Place, Abiquiu NM (bumpy road)
• Christ in the Desert Road (Road #151) past Ghost Ranch take #151. 13 miles of great scenery, a monastery, & Chama River. Best with 4×4. Do not travel with heavy rain/heavy mud.

There’s so much to see! We can’t wait to go back to Taos!

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First Friday Art Walk, Fredericksburg Tx

A delightful monthly event for artlovers, the first Friday of every month is a wonderful way to spend an evening of ART, Hill Country atmosphere, and socializing with friends in downtown Fredericksburg!
Many participating local art galleries keep their doors open late into the evening (often 8pm), for this self-guided tour around town. Each gallery offers its own unique character and style.
Discover art from around the USA as well as local artists!

Photo of the Vereins-Kirche, downtown Fredericksburg Tx.
The Vereins-Kirche (Society Church), the first public building in Fredericksburg, was designed by a Dr. Schubert of the Adelsverein, and built by the first settlers of Fredericksburg in 1847.

It was built following an ancient German style known as the “Carolingian octagon,” exemplified by the original portion of the cathedral of Charlemagne at Aachen. In the 1800’s, all of the local religious groups in Fredericksburg used the building, which stood in the middle of Main Street. It was nicknamed the Kaffeemühle (coffee mill) for its octagonal shape.


Winner! 11×14 Signed Canvas

WINNER of an 11×14 signed canvas!

Title: ‘Off The Loop’

The original bluebonnet oil painting was inspired by the Willow City Loop, which is located between Fredericksburg & Llano on Hwy 16.

Its was a busy weekend, but I’m so glad that I got to meet Beverly, along with her husband, and friends! Such a fun group!

Thanks for entering our print drawing. Stay tuned for more!

Prints can be purchased through our online store.

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