Getting Ready for Your Portraits


These aren’t “rules” but just some suggestions to help clients get ready for a fun-filled photo day with KWeigand Studio!

• Solid colored clothing works great – try to avoid busy strips & patterns.
• Trendy logos, styles, and patterns go out of style and date your photos.
• Groups / Families … color coordinate your clothes that fit your style.
• For outdoor portraits, wear colors that compliment Mother Nature’s seasonal colors that will be in the background.
• Boots, blue jeans, & long skirts are Texas classics.
• Big bold jewelry, accessories, & concho belts can reflect light.
• Short skirts will stand out, esp if surrounded with blue jeans/pants/ long skirts in group photos.
• Thin skirts and dresses may become backlit with sunlight and reveal legs & thigh outlines.
• Bring some ‘just in case’ extra clothes.
• Wearing heals? Bring comfy shoes for walking. We may walk through pastures or down trails.
• Darker colors are slimming.

• For business headshots, lighter colored clothing look great under an optional dark business jacket.
• Dark, black, clothing can easily show lint & loose hairs. Bring a lint roller.
• Bright white and neon colors can be distracting. White looks great at our photo sessions at the beach.
• Make sure your clothes arn’t too loose or too tight.
• Avoid wrinkled clothing.
• Ladies – Bare shoulders, bare arms, & armpits grab attention in photos. Avoid sleeveless & spaghetti straps.
• Guys – don’t let your undershirt show.
• Take everything out of your pockets and remove your sunglasses.
• Have a fresh shave.
• Eyeglasses might reflect glares. Remove them if you want.

• Fresh manicures are desirable, especially for engagement or bridal photos with detailed close-ups of holding hands, rings, holding bouquet, etc.
• Nail polish – subtle or neutral colors.
• Arrive hair and make-up ready, unless we’ve made prior arrangements with an on-site artist.
• Its not always a good idea to get a new hair cut just before Photo Day.
• Don’t overdo your make-up – natural looks great!
• Matte vs shine. Go with matte.
• Avoid lotions, oils, or powders with glitter, & sheen, esp on your chest, shoulders, & arms. Tiny glitters can reflect light making your skin look like a white ghost, or like the Cullen Family in Twilight – lol.
• Tan lines, farmer tans, sunglass tans, sun burns… The camera will see it all! Plan ahead for peak skin conditions. Avoid sunburns, tan lines, peeling skin, and drink plenty of water for a couple weeks in advance!
• Take your ponytail holder off your wrist.

• Empty all pockets. Leave your cell phones, wallets, keys, and all items in your bag.
• Eat and drink plenty of water prior to our session time. Don’t arrive hungry.
• Bring water & snacks. No gum.
• Gnats and mosquitoes can cause red bumps. Consider spraying yourself with bug spray at home prior.

• Bring a white bedsheet or other blending material that’s about the same circumference size as the bottom of your dress/train to protect from grass stains.
• Use a small bouquet to give your hands something to hold.
• Bring veil / hairpiece.
• Wear comfy shoes under long dresses.
• Have extra hair pins, safety pins, tape, & other odds-n-ends in your bag.

• We enjoy getting their attention with silly questions or little games. And we love those candid moments too. I have long lenses if they want to run around with loads of energy. Simply tell your kids before hand that you are visiting a photographer and it’ll be fun!

• Bring treats for pets.
• Too many people talking to pets at the same time to get their attention is distracting! The dedicated ‘attention getting’ person, can stand directly behind the camera/photographer so the pet is focused directly at the camera, or ask the photographer for best standing location.
When the photographer is the ‘attention getter’, let us know about any special words such as cookie, squirrel, treat, etc… that’ll help get their attention at the right moment. We have squeakers.
• Horses – We have a couple tricks that help get their attention.

Also, let us know before Photo Day if you want to include horses, pets or would like any ‘props’ in the background.

Let us know before your Photo Day (during our pre-session consultation) if you or a member of your family has any special needs, limited walking, medical conditions, etc.

• Old cars, trucks, and other rental props available (add’l).
• Let us know if you’d prefer a make-up /hair artist on-location (add’l).
• Clients are responsible for any add’l rental fees, Park entrance fees, other professionals, travel, as well as tips.


• Avoid rushing and any additional stresses. Don’t leave home too late.
• Posing … I’ve got that covered, & I have some great tricks that flatter!
• Just be YOU and lets have a fun time.

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