On The Easel… Mama’s Resting

Title: Mama’s Resting
8×10 oil on Belgium linen stretched canvas

I’m so thrilled to finish this adorable little 8×10 oil painting, its been fun working on those warm & cool hues and values.

It began with a quick glance. This large mama cow caught my attention a few days ago while I was driving past their pasture on a back road near our home. I grew up with Hereford cattle and have been around plenty of cattle, so why would she catch my attention? There was something special about that particular scene and moment in time.

Of course, I had to stop, go back, and check her out some more. So glad I did – what a pretty face!
Luckily I had my camera with me in my truck, so I grabbed a couple photos – much better quality than my old cell phone pics 🙂 .
Although she and her calf were just simply resting in the tall grass, she was adorable with the late afternoon back light which was producing soothing warm and cool colors. There was a treeline behind them casting soft & cool shadows in the background. The birds were chirping, and it was a very peaceful little scene.

It was a reminder that its good to stop and enjoy these pretty little things in life!

This new painting needs to dry a bit, but soon it will be available for purchase at http://www.westerngalleries.com
Contact me with any questions.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great week!

Mama’s Resting 8×10 oil painting

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