Texas Tales & Tall Ships, Texas History Book by Malcom Lee Johnson

These books have been long in the making. A Fifth generation Texan and Historian, Malcom Lee Johnson has been interested in history since he was a youth. Along this journey, he has accumulated a life-time of information on Texas History. Malcom has spent countless hours looking up actual historical documents in Texas state archives, libraries, researched notable books, military records, historical ledgers, letters, and more. He has advised and helped others with historical search quests, such as for the search on the Republic of Texas Navy ship, the “Invincible”as well as written articles for other groups and associations (see bio below). Mr Johnson has served as an officer or President on many boards, and has been a key note speaker at many events. Now at 82 years young, some of his hard earned knowledge has been gathered into a two volume book.

The rare info found in these two volumes include recorded facts that have not been taught in schools, and many Texans have no knowledge of. History buffs, especially those interested in early Texas History, may be pleasantly surprised at the info found in this set.

Texas Tales and Tall Ships, vol 1 & vol 2, available at Amazon:

Covering the time period from 1528 when Cabeza de Vaca arrived to the end of World War II in 1945, this well-referenced and educational look into the past is an important work for understanding the history of Texas and how it has evolved into the Lone Star State. 

About the Author:

Malcom Lee Johnson was born in Midland, Texas in 1940. He grew up in Corpus Christi and attended Corpus Christi College Academy and Del Mar College. Later, he was employed as a draftsman by Humble Oil Co. and Tenneco Oil Co. making lease maps, sub-surface maps, cross-sections, and isopach maps. In 1961 he joined the Texas Archeological Society for twenty-five years. He also served in the US Army, mechanized infantry, and became a charter member of the South Texas Archeological Association, serving as Vice President and President. Additionally, he became a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, the Black Powder Brigade, The Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Sons of the American Revolution, the Gillespie County Historical Society (President and Life Member) in Fredericksburg Texas, the Kerr County Archeological Society (Vice President and President), the Fredericksburg Rockhounds (President) and the founder and first president of the Coastal Bend Archeological Society. In 1995, Texas Governor George W. Bush presented Malcom with a certificate naming him as an Admiral of the Texas Navy, and he is presently a Life Member and Admiral in the Texas Navy Association.

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