St Marys Church Print Heading to New Orleans Exhibit

I’m so happy that I’m sharing a little part of the Texas Hill Country with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) , International Print Competition.  
This image scored a merit, and will be part of PPA’s Imaging USA display in New Orleans!  Woohoo!


Title: St Marys Towers
St Mary’s Church in downtown Fredericksburg Texas on a late foggy night

Late one December night I was working late at the studio. I had no idea that a thick layer of fog had covered Fredericksburg until I walked out to my car.  After I saw the church towers GLOWING IN THE NIGHT I rushed back to the studio to grab my camera!  Those towers  were absolutely stunning in person.

  The funniest part about the whole night was – the next day I was telling my Mom about the towers.  It turns out that my mom was also in town at the same time, and she “saw a photographer using a tripod” that night at St Mary’s and was wishing it was me – she was thinking they would be some great shots!  The fog was so thick, my own MOM didn’t recognize me.  😉

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