The Old Tree Behind Dodds Nursery on Main St., Fredericksburg Tx

I remember when growing up our family would visit the Dodd’s Nursery on Main St in Fredericksburg TX.

As a kid I wasn’t very interested in gardening, but I always enjoyed seeing that old oak tree in their back yard! It was magnificent back then, with its many twisted limbs, and its still a beauty!

The old tree where Dodd’s Nursery once stood.

But times are changing, and so is Fredericksburg. Dodd’s Nursery has been torn down, which is sad, but now we can actually see that beautiful old tree from Main Street! Its a joy to view.

I’d like to go back & photograph it in different lighting situations, and perhaps create a color study of it too! But for now, my favorite is the simplicity of this black & white.

B&W is a timeless classic, kinda like that old tree. Color can create distractions, and with b&w, the viewer’s eye can easily find those fine details of the long reaching tree limbs and even the details in the bark of the tree trunk. Better when viewed large.

This old tree is such a natural beauty on our Main Street here in the Hill Country!

Thanks for looking.


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