Peach Blooms & Butterflies, Fredericksburg Tx

We are all going through some challenging times with the virus pandemic, and so I find myself being drawn even closer to nature. I try to go outdoors every chance I get!
It seems like I can always find some tiny visual surprise outside that helps me to take my mind of the real world. And Mother Nature always seems to have a bounty of visual treasures! You just have to step outside, relax, and search for her JOYS.
Don’t forget to take your camera!
For the last week or two, our peach trees have been in full bloom on our ranch, and I love watching the dainty butterflies dance from bloom to bloom, constantly moving. They are so incredibly peaceful. I can’t help but think about where they came from, and how long their journeys are, while I’m clicking away on my camera.
The light was a bit soft on this day, but I still managed to get a couple backlit shots while trying to keep the background blurred. A soft background helps your main subject stand out more, which in turn, helps to create more impact in your images.
And personally, I just love it when the backlit ambient light filters through their thin wings like this first image.

The different peach tree varieties bloom in stages. The earlier varieties have pretty much leafed out & the blooms are past their peak. The blooms don’t last very long! But the good news is, the later peach tree varieties are now blooming!

The bees and butterflies have fresh spring blooms to keep them busy.

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