Old Texas Hill Country Barn – TMax B&W Film

Just had to post an old image that I took in the early 2000’s with FILM!  That was back in the good ‘ol days before I made the switch to digital.

Canon EOS3
TMAX b&w film
light meter
Shutter release

Today’s digital cameras are amazing, but at times I really miss my film days and I still keep a few rolls in the frig.  

The EOS 3 was my favorite film camera before I switched to digital.  I still have my ‘black beauty’ – and yes – I name my cameras. LOL!
I need to dust her off once in a while… sniff, sniff … and shoot some film again.

Thanks for browsing, and feel free to visit our shop for artwork.

© Hill Country Images, Fredericksburg Texas.
All Rights Reserved.

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