Texas Images from Fredericksburg … The Old Homestead

Texas Images from Fredericksburg … The Old Homestead

Talk about character, this old farm has a ton of character!  I’ve admired it for a loooong time! I remember seeing this place when I was a kid.

I photographed this old farm on Tivydale Rd a year or two ago, but I was hoping that this evening would produce a nice light with more dramatic clouds.

It was overcast, and I waited along the side of the highway until nearly sunset, hoping that the sun would be able to get through those clouds.

Its good to be patient.
 It sun barely peeked through – barely – for only a few seconds.  I smiled.
It was a good thing that my camera was ready, because this glowing light was soon gone.

I like the mood of this image.

Have fun chasing the light!

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 © Hill Country Images Fredericksburg Texas.
All Rights Reserved. Do not create your own individual prints or use without first getting written permission from the artist.


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