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Congratulations to Alaina & John on their Luckenbach Texas secret elopement! Yes, it was a secret day!

I’m so happy that I had the chance to meet them and be part of their awesome day!

We started inside their cozy rustic cabin at Settlers Crossing.  Its a B&B on Hwy 1376 near Luckenbach.

When I noticed the natural light flowing in through the small window –  it spoke – no, it screamed at me!   I wanted to create a black & white moment, with darker shadows so the light would filter through nicely.   I asked Alaina to walk down the stairs and pause…. The natural light was so sweet.

She is awesome.

A beautiful bride + a gorgeous dress + beautiful light = artwork!

No flash, ambient light only, hand-held.  Very minor Photoshop, grain added for that classic film look….  printed on the thick fine art smooth matte paper.

As a fine art print, it is timeless & simply beautiful!    A personal favorite.

Next, I wanted a variation.  I added two flashes, and Alaina did the rest with that beautiful look over her shoulder.  She is stunning!


Then we went outside…



At Luckenbach, Tx…
Their wedding ceremony was held under those old oak trees in the evening light.




Thank you Alaina and John for allowing me to share your perfect day with you.

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Kathy Weigand, M. Photog.

Texas Hill Country Photographer based in Fredericksburg Tx.

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