Kathy Weigand chosen as Photoquest’s 2016 Art Show Judge, at the KACC Art Gallery in Kerrville Tx

The Hill Country Camera Club, (HCCC) Annual Photographic Art Show will be held September 1 – 25, 2016 at the KACC Art Gallery in Kerrville Texas.

2016 Photoquest Flyer

I’m excited and honored to be this year’s judge!

The HCCC was the first photo group that I joined, back in 2000, when I started out on my photography journey.   Back in those days it was a smaller group, sometimes only 5-10 people at attendance at the monthly meetings, but since those days, it has grown to one of the largest and busiest photography groups in the area.   The group welcomes any persons interested in photography, any skill level.

Click on the flyer above to visit their website.

Some members travel the world and bring back amazing, and exotic, images.  There will be a variety of subjects, including beautiful Hill Country scenery, on display.   Each image will be reflecting the artist’s personal style and unique creativity.

The displayed artwork will be outstanding!   I’m looking forward to viewing it!

© Hill Country Images Fredericksburg Texas
All rights reserved

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