Ruidoso Cloudcroft New Mexico Snow Blizzard Photos

My daughter recently celebrated her 20th Birthday Party, and over the Holidays, we booked a little trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico.  It turns out they had quite the snow storm the previous day, and by the time we traveled, most of the roads were plowed, and driving was safe.

What a beautiful sight!

We spent much of the day sightseeing near Ski Apache & the Mescalero Apache Reservation.  The skies had been partly cloudy all day.  But it was getting late, and the clouds were getting thicker.  Some fog began quickly rolling in, creating a moody scene – just perfect for some added winter drama!  The sun was hidden, and I wasn’t expecting to see any sunset light because of the heavy cloud cover.

Somewhere along the way, my daughter decided to create a snow angel, so we stopped along a pretty stretched of road in a snow-filled valley.
While we were stopped, the clouds opened up a little, and a small amount of light began drifting through the clouds.  For a few mere seconds , Nature added a kiss of golden light in the valley of snow.

122315-1001The moment was absolutely perfect for us, and it instantly reminded me of an Ansel Adams quote…
“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have somone click the shutter.” ― Ansel Adams

I couldn’t agree more.
I’m so thankful that I had already stopped the car, along that stretch of road, at that exact moment in time!   Only a photograph could capture Nature’s special moment.


Just a few seconds later, the light was gone.
But it was still, oh-s0-beautiful…

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