New Wedding Venue in Fredericksburg Texas, Rock House Hideaway B&B’s Red Barn by pro photographer Kathy Weigand

I was thrilled when Lena, owner of the adorable Rock House Hideaway B&B, just outside of Fredericksburg Tx, called me wanting new photos of their new barn!  They completely re-designed and added onto their original homestead barn.

At first glance, its a beautiful red barn!  But when you open the doors … wow!0320-10050320-1002

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Indoor and outdoor water features, fire pit, a lots of room – inside and out.
Its full of elegant-country charm!  If your a bride searching for a wedding venue in Fredericksburg Tx, then give them a call and tell them I sent you! 😉
Rock House Hideaway

Images property of © Hill Country Images
Fredericksburg Texas Professional Photographer


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