Working towards my Goal, Three Prints go LOAN at PPA’s 2014 International Print Competition; Fredericksburg Tx Photographer

Working towards Goals

As life goes by, its important to have some goals set in motion.
There’s business goals, and personal goals.

As a professional photographer, one of my goals (both for personal & business) is working towards earning my PPA Master Photographer degree!
Its about the journey, the challenges, and growing ‘my eye’.  Very few photographers, I think its less than 4% of PPA Photographers, earn their Master Photographer Degree.  I hope that soon I will join that short list!

Over the years, while working towards my goal, I’ve been entering the PPA International Print Competition.  When any print earns a ‘Merit’ that Merit will be accumulated and applied towards earning a degree.

Each year, all Merit earning prints are again judged for additional honors, such as being qualified for the Loan Collection, which is the highest award given.  If accepted into the the Loan Collection an additional Merit is also acquired on each print, and all Loan Collection prints are published in the PPA’s Annual Loan Collection book by Marathon Press.  ‘Going Loan’ is a very prestigious award.

I’m so happy to say, that this summer 3 out of my 4 prints earned a PPA Merit, and all 3 were again judged for the Loan Collection.  All 3 were accepted into the PPA Loan Collection, for a total of 6 Print Merits!  I’m very excited!  Its tough just to get 1 Print accepted into the PPA Loan Collection, and its very challenging to get 3!

This is a personal BEST for me so far!

Portrait of a Cardinal
Bridger, Wild Stallion of Wyoming
Giant Oak on Wildflower Hill

PPA Loan

My 3 images will be on display at PPA’s Imaging USA in Nashville Feb 2015, as well as published in the PPA 2014 loan Collection book.

I’d like to encourage all new budding photographers, and all ‘pro’ photographers who have started their photography business and journey, or even if you’ve been in the photography business for many years, to join the PPA, attend your State Level PPA Conventions, and start entering the PPA Print Competitions!  Its not about putting your images up against all of the established studios from across your state, but rather, its about developing your eye and having your image judged with 13 print elements, or standards, in mind.
To read more about the competitions, standards of excellence, merits & degrees, visit the PPA website.

Thanks for reading!

© hillcountryimages


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