Kathy Weigand Photo Workshop: Using Natural Light & Simple Posing.

What fun day I had hosting an 8 hour Photography Class here in Fredericksburg TX as part of PPA’s Super One Day Classes.  So glad to get PPA classes started here in the Tx Hill Country!  You do not have to be a PPA member to participate… but all PPA Members will earn a Service Merit.
Hoffman Haus B&B in Fredericksburg Texas who let us use their  Grand Room and Gardens.

DeeDee and her son Zachery
Sarah & Daniel

I love using natural light, and using available elements in the surrounding environment to create natural looking portraits with good light, and good posing!
Eventhough I own many studio lights, hotshoe flashes, and various other portable lights, I wanted to help share how I ‘see’ and manipulate the natural light around us, so I chose not to use any flash for these studies.

It  was a full sunny day, and these portraits were taken around noon, the worst part of the day for outdoor portraiture!   I help this shows that you can take portraits any time of the day – even with natural light.

– No flash was used.  We only used the direct & indirect ambient lighting.  In some photos a large reflector was used.
– Only minor photoshop was used for simple retouching skin.



© 2014
Images property of Kathy Weigand
Do not use without written permission.

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