Medusa Photoshoot: Fredericksburg Texas Professional Portrait Photographer


I wanted to try & set up a different photoshoot … and I thought about the Greek Mythology legend …  Medusa!

It took planning, and thankfully, I had a lot of great help!

We started at Jay & Co Salon in Fredericksburg Tx.
Brandy Pate did an amazing job on model Katrina’s make-up & hair!

Adding a bunch of rubber snakes in someone’s hair isn’t very easy, she has a lot of patience.

We had so much fun when the other ladies had  to stop by Brandy’s chair to see what in the world we were doing.   You just don’t see a bunch of snakes in someone’s hair very often!

So many laughs!

When Katrina was outside on the street – she could’ve stopped traffic!

Katrina & I drove over to the Fredericksburg Theater Company for the photoshoot…. thank you Kerry Goff for providing us some space and props!

We set up the studio lights, and changed her outfit… yes… we used trash bags!!!  Simple & clingy, looks like a snakes skin actually.   Very cool.

We had a blast trying out different angles, lighting, etc…   Thank goodness those props are lightweight … even that huge rock!

Clothing:  black trash bags,  duct tape,  clamps,  patterned leggings, & heels
Accessories: snake bracelet


Katrina nailed it!!!  Even with a lot of interested on-lookers!

It was a great day!!!

make-up/ hair:  Brandy Pate at Jay & Co in Fredericksburg Tx
model : Katrina Weigand Demmert
location/props:  Fredericksburg Theater Company

© Hill Country Images
Do not print, remove logo, or reproduce without written permission.

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