Texas Hill Country Images | Gearing up for Spring Bluebonnets

Near Mason Tx

By mid March of each year, its always an exciting time here in central Texas as we look forward to seeing this year’s crop of BLUEBONNETS!!!

Our famous little Bluebonnet plants are hardy, and with just a small amount of moisture, they will start popping up – & do I dare pray for oceans of blue? Yes indeed!

By early to mid-March the peach trees are usually BLOOMING!  Hopefully we’ll see the orchards in full bloom soon!  Although these orchard blooms are beautiful, they blooms usually do not last very long!  If you want photos of the peach blooms, please plan well ahead of time.

Contact on of my favorite local peach Growers…

Fredericksburg Tx Peach Orchard in bloom

I’m trying to get organized… planning… thinking about the many Hill Country County Roads and locations that I’ve found great bluebonnets in previous years.   I’ve got my list ready and as soon as Bluebonnets start arriving, I plan on exploring through the countryside whenever I can – scouting and searching for those blue patches!

Hopefully we will have some amazing sunsets.  Even thunderheads in the distance can help add mood and colorful skies to those bluebonnet fields.

Church in Art Tx

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