Part 2, Photographing Wild Birds: Texas Hill Country Images, Male Red Cardinal, Mockingbird

redNew! Portrait of a Male Red Cardinal       © Kathy Weigand

They fly past the edge of your eye, startling, luminous, lovely…and are gone.

This handsome boy was just so colorful and pretty!  I am so thankful to be able to photograph this beauty  – and its one of my personal favorite Wild Bird Fine Art Prints!

When the male Cardinals visit my homemade log feeder, they tend to stay there awhile, carefully picking out their favorite treats!  Others have to wait patiently nearby.

I’m still hoping to photograph a Robin… they tend to hop around on the ground, so I must continue to wait to see if they’ll land on my log perch.
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New!     Portrait of a MockingbirdMocking Bird© 2014 Kathy Weigand

My-oh-my how the Mockingbirds rule in the bird world here at my house!  This one has made a habit of completely sitting down on the log feeder, covering and hogging it all!  He (or she) is enjoying this perch.

I love the grey-on-grey colors!

During this time of the year, the background woods are grey, so it provides a nice neutral palette!

The Mockingbirds tend to chase other birds away, so its been fun peeking out the window occasionally,  watching the drama unfold in the bird world, just outside my ‘photography cave’ window.

Creating a Series:
I’m designing all of my Wild Bird Prints in a square format.   When displayed together, they will make a nice presentation.    The female Cardinal print (see Part 1), and this new male Cardinal would make a beautiful set of bird portraits – Wall Decor – for any office, home, or even a baby’s nursery.
Here’s a pic showing a sample of two tiny 5×5 prints with a simple wide black frame  … please note that at this time we do not frame!

I think these are a pretty … what do you think?


Why not bring the beauty of the outdoors – indoors?
Purchase prints at our Western Galleries  Etsy Store.  Or contact Kathy directly to order!

These photos were taken from my home ‘bird blind’, back yard birding … see Part 1 & how we built our home-made log feeder by scrolling down to the older posts.

Post your comments below!

All images are ©
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