Texas Hill Country Images: Photographing Birds in your Texas Backyard – Part I

I recently have been inspired to try and get some new wild bird photos to update my portfolio!

My husband, Kris, and I were having a few relaxing hours last Sunday afternoon, when suddenly it dawned on me that I should try and set up a hidden bird feeder to help draw in some birds!    I remembered my good friend, & very talented wildlife & bird photographer Bill Drake, had once explained to me how he sets up his shots.  He’s a full time award-winning wildlife photographer – traveling across the country, and I’m primarily a portrait photographer.  But anyway, I decided to try and set something up… if you build it, they will come! (hopefully)

I asked Kris if he’d help me hollow out a small log, and I went out and found a short small tree truck in our pasture that was only a few inches across.  It was just laying on the ground, rotting away.   Kris grabbed his chainsaw, and drill … it wasn’t long and he had the log trimmed down and the top hollowed out in just a few minutes!

It just so happens that we have a forrest snuggled right up to the north side of our house.  That’ll be perfect to set up a hollowed out tree limb!  And the fall colors are looking great right now!  Its so exciting to see such pretty fall colors right by my house!

We set the hollowed-out tree trunk up along the fenceline just outside my window … it actually looks like a fencepost in the pic!

I picked a window that is near my editing computer, aka Kathy’s cave.  lol!
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at my desk, and thought it would be fun to try and set up a ‘wildlife blind’ right here in my house cave.  So, during the day when I’m editing, I can spin around and check my bird feeder!

So I cleaned the window, took the screen off, got my tripod, longest lens, 1.4x teleconverter, and shutter release ready… its all set up!  My lens is pre-focused on manual exposure, camera is set on rapid fire … its ready to go!   You can tell by the photo that I’m not a full time pro wildlife photog with that small lens, but it’ll work for my little project.

Actually my photo makes the post look farther away than what it really is.
Can you see the bird seed on top?


One of the first visitors were the TuftedTitmouse and female Red Cardinals.
Here are a couple of cardinals…

femalered1 femalered2
I think this sweet female is my new favorite!

I’m editing this Wild Bird Series in a square format… I think that’ll make a nice print display.



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Do not reproduce our artwork without written permission from the artist.


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