Commercial Photography in Fredericksburg Texas

Wow!  Its already in the middle of November, and its hard to believe that Christmas is almost here!

I recently had the honor of photographing the entire staff at Lance Kovar’s Dentist Office in Frederickburg!  They are in the process of updating their commercial website – getting geared up for 2014!!!

We had to postpone their first 2 sessions, due to rainy weather, but finally Mother Nature worked in our favor… the third time WAS the charm!  

For their headshots, I choose a simple background in the backyard towards the creek.   I’ve always liked textured backgrounds with trees and leaves.  The lighting was good, and I used natural light – both direct & indirect.

What a fun time!  Heidi, Lance, and their entire group are so friendly and FUN!   Be sure to check them out sometime!

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