Michelle: Beauty-Ful Portraits for WOMEN in Fredericksburg Texas + Before & After

Meet Michelle!

She’s a wife, mom, and our recent BEAUTY-FUL customer!


Air brushed make-up & hair by the ever-so-talented artist Brandy Pate … at Jay & Co.

Arn’t Michelle’s eyes STUNNING???
I can remember WWAAAAYYY back, when we were just teenagers, how pretty her eyes were!  She does have beautiful natural features!!!

Michelle is one of our recent ladies to work with myself & make-up artist Brandy Pate in this new endeavor called BEAUTY-FUL …  and I think BEAUTY-FUL is a HIT!!!

She has natural beauty already, & it comes from deep within.

Many of us women CRINGE at the thought of getting in front of a camera.  Trust me, I know!

We tell ourselves  … We arn’t photogenic


We wait until “SOMEDAY” when we can try the latest greatest diet & loose a few more pounds –  before we embrace ourselves!  Well, guess what?  Those pounds may never come off!  Its time, ladies, to realize that our family and our children love us for who we are, and not for what size clothing we wear!!!

I’m on a mission to prove that women don’t have to be a size 4 or smaller to be beautiful!!!

What kind of photos will your kids inherit of  YOU?  Seriously THINK about that for a few moments & look around your house!  The Queen of England has tons of quality heirloom portraits of herself… formal & casual from her birth to her golden years… an extensive library.  Ya, ya, ya she’s a Queen, whatever.   But look around your home, how many QUALITY prints do you have of JUST YOU?

I created BEAUTY-FUL just for us curvy and REAL women… its for all shapes & sizes, mom’s, & grandmothers!

With BEAUTY-FUL you get to spend an afternoon with us in Fredericksburg.  It includes a couple hours at the salon – getting pampered with a complete make-over!     Then we’re off to an adventurous photoshoot around town!  There’s no telling what we might end up doing!!!   Its relaxing and so fun!   :)))
Afterward, enjoy some wine, dinner, or have  your hubby take you out on a date… lol!

Its all about YOU!!!  

Its about embracing yourself, having an incredible time, and forever enjoying the results of BEAUTY-FUL!

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Images are the copyright property of Kathy Weigand and are for our display.  Do not print, or reproduce these digital in anyway without written permission from the artist.

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