Barbie: Beauty-ful Portraits for Women + by pro photographer Kathy Weigand in Fredericksburg Tx

Meet Barbie!!!
She’s brave, she’s beautiful, she’s a hard-worker … she’s a mom and a grandmother who is well-loved by her family and friends … she inspires other women, and now she’s my new friend!


Before photo credit: Jordan Beckmann
Make-up & Hair: Jordan Beckmann at Simply Hair in Fredericksburg

BEAUTY-FUL is brand new, and it was created just for women… its time for ladies to embrace ourselves for who we are  … no matter what size clothing we wear!!!  Leave your husband and kids at home for just a couple hours, and come have some fun with us!!!  Contact Kathy for details on our BEAUTY-FUL SEPTEMBER SPECIAL!!!  You and your family will love the results!

Barbie and I had such a great time, getting to know each other, as well as Jordan too!  Barbie is beauty-ful on the inside and out, and it was my honor to meet her!

We had an amazing time at the salon, and after we were running around Fredericksburg at some of my favorite photo locations ….. we hit the town!!!  Good times!
THANK YOU Barbie!!!

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© 2013 Kathy Weigand Photography

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