Dee: BEAUTY-FUL Curvy Woman Portraits + Fredericksburg Kerrville Boerne Comfort Tx Photographer

Meet Dee:
A brave lady who happily agreed to try my new BEAUTY-FUL idea and show her natural beauty!
I am so excited to see BEAUTY-FUL get started… and what an amazing start!

Society is tough on women.  We are tough on ourselves.  Its no wonder why women are so stressed out and worried about every little thing in our lives!  We would rather try to loose a few pounds – which is a life-long battle – or fret over some scars, then just embrace ourselves for who we are!  Your kids, husband, and family love you for who you are – your heart & soul – not what dress size you are!
BEAUTY-FUL, is a combination make-over & photo session geared towards – REAL WOMEN –  CURVEY WOMEN –  of any shape or size!
No kids, no husbands… its just us ladies and we start the day together at the salon!

Here is a sneakpeak of yesterday’s make-over & photoshoot with Dee, my awesome friend and one beautiful woman!   We had a blast – great memories that we will always be able to look back on and have a good laugh!


And especially a HUGE thank you to Brandy Pate, whom I have partnered with on this campaign!   She is a super talented hair & make-up stylist at Jay & Co in Fredericksburg Texas, who also believes in QUALITY!    Together we are creating a fun, relaxed, & pampered day – just for LADIES!


Please do not print or reproduce our images without written permission from the artist.

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