What I’m looking for:

Texas cowboy/cowgirl Models!  Preferred working ranch, and authentic style Texas cowboys/cowgirls in your usual environment.  Using the horses and gear that you are comfortable with and normally use often.

The JOB:
Must be able to work with my ideas, & repeat the action shots for the best shot … riding your horse at sunset, running a small group of horses through a small creek, or dusty pen, or on foot working a rope, or standing in barn doorway, holding saddle, working cattle, etc.  Perhaps we can work in not so perfect weather too – fixing a fence with a rain storm approaching is ok, mud, slop, etc…!

It will be fun!!!! Whatever scenes we can safely use on the ranch with horses & cattle. Perhaps a well behaved working cattle dog or two like blue heelers or border collies are ok too.

No Goats, Sheep, or Exotics please!

I live in Harper/Fbg area, but the ranch can be anywhere in the Texas Hill Country! Traveling outside the Hill Country is available too, just let me know where the ranch is.

Adult Men &/or Women preferred.  Older ranchers with ‘character’ shots are good too!

Sunset or sunrise. Shooting until nearly dark, or up before dawn for prime light.

If you are 18+ yrs old, a standard MODEL RELEASE MUST BE SIGNED to qualify!  This gives me complete permission to use the images anyway as I need … website, blog, facebook, gallery prints, possibly magazine or book publications, etc…  these are just some places where your images might be displayed.

Kathy Weigand Photography is not responsible for any accidents or health related issues before/in transit to/during/or leaving the location.  Model at your own risk!


This is a great opportunity to be a MODEL & have professional portraits taken of yourself at your ranch!

Anyone can message me at and briefly describe your raching lifestyle, and include a snapshot or two!



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