Noel & Chris + Photo Session in the Rain + Engagement Portraits in Fredericksburg Tx

He went to Jareds!

These were some of the first few words Noel said to me when she first asked me about Engagement Portraits!  I’m so happy for her!

I first met Noel a couple years ago when she brought her Border Collies in my studio for portraits during my ‘Dog Days of Summer’ Pet Portraits & Photo Contest Fundraiser.  Her doggy photos were great, but now I was happy that I could turn my camera to her and her future hubby, Chris!  I couldn’t wait to meet him at the photo session and see her ring!

That late afternoon, while driving to the Park, I noticied that the closer I got to the location, the thicker & darker the clouds got.  Great.  It wasn’t supposed to rain until the next day, but it was really dark & overcast now.  Sure enough, about 20 minutes before the session, it started to rain!  DARN it!  Mother Nature always wins.

I hoped it would pass quickly, and I waited…
They arrived, and we waited some more.
And waited….

And waited!

After 30 minutes or more, it slowed from a rain to a soft drizzle.  It was still just enough moisture to bug us.  With most of my clients I normally would have re-scheduled already because of the rain, but something inside said lets just try it and see what happens.  My camera gear is practically waterproof.  lol!

They were excited to start their portraits – even in the rain!


Young love is so fun to watch and photograph!  Love was in the air!

After our awesome session, we were still chatting, and I kept an eye on the breaking clouds, maybe, just maybe, the light would change, and we could shoot a few more pics in the amazing bluebonnet patch – in a different natural ambient light.

Because of the rain, we were rewarded with saturated green grass & popping colors in the wildflowers and brillant trees!

Our patience really paid off!  I wasn’t expecting a beautiful rainbow!

Best of all, was the gorgous rainbow that seemed to land just over the hill!  WOW!  It only lasted a couple minutes, but it was an amazing Hill Country sunset!

Thanks Noel & Chris for the awesome photo session in the rain and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Your rainbow photo is one of my favorites!

➤ All images are © copyright protected according to US Law.  Please do not copy, reproduce, alter, crop out the logo, or use in any way without written permission from Kathy Weigand Photography dba Hill Country Images ™.

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